How Paid Online Advertising Works

Paid advertising online is a powerful tool to increase awareness of your business and also increases the potential for you to make more sales. Your foray into this can be daunting at first, but this should not be off-putting as paid advertising can reap many benefits for your business.

Google AdWords is one of the most popular forms of paid advertising online. There are a few different forms of advertising that your business can do with Google (remarketing for example – click here to read our blog entry on this subject); but here we take a look at the standard Google Ads which you may have come across scattered around the web. These are positioned at both the top and bottom of the Google SERPs and are accompanied by the words ‘Ad’ in a green box. These ads appear when somebody searches within Google using a search word/term in association with your ad. So if you run a bakery in Cavan and somebody searches for ‘cavan bakery’ in Google, your ad will more than likely appear to them.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes utilise Google AdWords to ramp up their presence and reach online. In fact in Q3 of 2016, a record $17.6 billion was spent on digital advertising (source). This colossal figure reflects not only how popular online and digital advertising is, but also how efficient the medium is for reaching potential customers and making potential sales. If we assume that for each dollar spent that one dollar was made back, this amounts to $35.2 billion in revenue made for these businesses over a mere three-month period. To help costs spiralling out of control however, the Google AdWords dashboard lets you set a budget so that you can keep tabs on your spend per ad.

As you can see, paid advertising online is a model that works. As a premier digital agency, contact us here at Ireland Website Design for any assistance in driving sales to your business or if you want to outsource this to us completely. You can also keep reading our blog for help and advice when it comes to your online presence. For more information in relation to Google AdWords, click here to read our blog explaining what clicks and conversions are.

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