Multilingual Website Development


Companies serving international clients need to communicate and engage with them to the same high standards as they would with their own native speakers. Having a successful website in multiple languages takes a lot more than a simple Google Translate!

We have developed Government websites that are in both English and Irish. Simple things like making sure the fada appears correctly in the website text. We can set the website so you can easily maintain both language versions.

Accurate translations include the nuances of each language – the last thing your company wants to do is make a social faux pas that can cost you money.

We have worked with many translation teams over the years in many different industries and fields including legal, financial, luxury goods, medical, technology and media translations. With a rigorous attention to detail, you know you’re in the right hands with Ireland Website Design creating you unique, creative websites in whichever language you require.

We have working relationships with existing translation companies or we can work with your own. Some of our staff are bilingual and can help create your website in multiple languages.

Our most challenging multilingual website was one we did for The Soap Box Kuwait as the website needed to be in both English and Arabic – in Arabic text is read (and needs to be restructured) from right to left (unlike English).

Make sure you’re communicating effectively. We have created multilingual websites in English, Irish, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Arabic.

Multilingual Website Features

  • Our multilingual websites in the backend come with glossary, spell checker and translation memory.
  • We help you optimise your website for searches in different languages. You can arrange language any way you choose (TLDs, subdomains, folders and language arguments). We let you translate page slugs, meta descriptions and titles.
  • Our multilingual software is easy to use, fast and efficient and the front end speed of the website is not impacted.

Multilingual eCommerce Websites

As eCommerce experts our websites let you easily build and run multilingual and multi-currency e-commerce sites. Enjoy complete support for simple and variable products, related products, sales and promotions and everything else that eCommerce offers.

Visitors to your eCommerce website will enjoy a fully localized purchase process, starting with the product listing, through the cart and checkout and even localised confirmation emails.

Want your multilingual website visitors to understand your website?

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