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Want more conversions? Build a pay-per-click advert campaign

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is when you buy visits to your site. How? By bidding on relevant keywords in your industry. This allows your website to appear as an advert above the natural search results.

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most influential ways to boost your conversion rates. All you have to do is figure out your budget and our team will help you come up with the perfect strategy for your ads. We’ll help you pick out all those crucial keywords to help you get the most out of your PPC.

Let our team research your customer demographics and geography for you so all you have to do is watch high quality, converting traffic flow to your website.

Why You Need A Google Ads Campaign

One of the most popular pay-per-click advert campaign platforms is Google AdWords.

Our PPC team can create tailored adverts designed to entice and convert your target market into loyal customers.

With Google Ads, you’ll be able to reach more and more of your audience, so you can start getting a tonne of traffic to your website and start improving your conversions.

When you invest in PPC you’ll be able to...

Attract more traffic to
your website
Improve your conversions
Increase your sales
Build brand recognition
Be seen first on the
search results
Increase your trust
& credibility

How we develop the perfect PPC Campaign for your business

Creating the perfect PPC advertising campaign takes a lot of skill and dedication. Our team can help you write the amazing copy needed for your ads and help you bid on a series of search phrases and keywords.

We know the easiest route to success when it comes to PPC. We can get your ad placed by helping you get the right bid price and ensuring that your quality score is perfect.

What’s a bid price?

Your bid price is how much each click will cost you – so if you bid €1.50 and 100 people click on your advert, it will cost you €150.

What’s a quality score?

Your quality score is decided from a number of factors including your landing page copy, your click metrics, your website’s metrics, and a couple of other factors.

Sounds simple enough, right? Not quite.

In order to get great conversion rates (people actually buying or signing up for your offerings), you’ll need a lot more than a few people clicking on your links. You’ll need a perfectly fleshed out campaign that’s assured to drive conversions and secure sales.

Our team can help you get where you want to be in regard to your PPC.

Our approach to marketing strategies

1. Audit

To help create the perfect PPC campaign, our team will first audit your past PPC campaigns, your industry and your competitors to see how best to handle your PPC ads.

2. Strategy

Next, we’ll come up with the ideal strategy for your PPC campaign to ensure you’re getting the best ROI possible on your PPC ads.

3. Implementation

After you’ve approved our strategy we’ll begin implementing it, so you can start getting more traffic and more conversions as soon as possible.

4. Reporting

As soon as your campaign has been live for a couple of months we’ll go through the jargon-free reports with you to see what’s working, what needs to be changed and how we can improve your campaign

Why go with us for your PPC strategy?

We can save you a lot of advertising money because we know what works.

PPC is one of the best ways to get healthy conversion rates, but when done wrong it can quickly cost you a fortune in wasted clicks, junk traffic and useless bidding wars.

Pay-per-click advertising should have a clear, quantifiable goal in order to succeed, and we can help you figure out this goal and craft the perfect campaign around it.

Here at Ireland Website Design, we concentrate on conversions, not just clicks.

Look at how PPC campaigns have helped our clients reach more of their target audience

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