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Throwing money down the drain with wasted clicks, cost-per-click soaring, traffic not converting… When Google Ads (aka PPC) isn’t handled by an experienced specialist, a lot can go wrong.

When it’s done right, however, it can become your largest online revenue stream, giving you a steady influx of high-converting users to your site.

If you’re disappointed with the results of your current Google Ads agency, don’t worry. We’re confident we can show you what real ROI looks like.

Or if you’ve been handling your Google Ads in house and need an agency you can trust to take over, we’re that agency.

Many eCommerce business owners hand their Google Ads strategy over to us. Why? We’ve been focusing on eCommerce since 2013.

We know the retail market in Ireland (and beyond) inside and out. This means our strategies are fine-tuned, based on real-life experience and data – not just guesswork.

Google Ads PPC

Our ongoing Google Ads services

Competitor research & monitoring

We regularly check in on what keywords your competition is bidding on, their ad copy, and landing pages so you’re always one step ahead.

Initial & monthly keyword optimisation

After our initial keyword research, we perform monthly tests on the performance of every keyword to reduce your cost-per-conversion.

Daily budget control

Our Google experts are meticulous when it comes to managing your budget. We ensure a daily limit is placed so you’re getting the most return possible.

Weekly bid management

Our work doesn’t stop once ads are live. We continuously monitor our bidding strategies so you’ll get the best result for the lowest cost.

Goal & conversion tracking

Without proper tracking, Google Ads are futile. Our team gives you precise ad spend vs return results with accurate goal and conversion tracking. 

A/B Testing

By frequently comparing the performance of two identical ads with one variable changed, we uncover what’s truly driving your conversions.

Google Analytics integration

Our experts install Google Analytics so you have access to top-level and granular results from your Google Ads campaigns and other channels.

Digital banner design

Don’t have a graphic designer in-house? Don’t worry! Our creative team can create scroll-stopping visuals for your Google Ads that get people clicking.

Landing page design optimasation

We’re a full-service agency. That means you’ll have access to our talented web design team to create irresistible landing pages and optimise them for SEO.

Shopping Ads management

Integrating your shopping feed with Google Ads, managing your merchant centre, and updating pricing is all taken care of by our team.

Live marketing dashboards

We value transparency as much as you do. That’s why you have 24/7 access to our live marketing dashboards that show you your results in real-time.


Monthly reporting

You’ll attend in-depth monthly meetings with your dedicated account manager, where we’ll present our progress from the month before and set KPIs for the next month.

Dedicated account manager

Your dedicated account manager is always on-hand to offer guidance and answer your questions. We ensure you’ll have the same account manager for consistency.


Types of Google Ad Campaigns


Google Shopping Ads

By installing software to pull data from your eCommerce catalogue, we craft ads that display your products to customers with individual prices and images. When users browse the ‘shopping’ tab on Google, your products will display directly to them.



Display Ads

Display ads are the visual element of your Google Ad campaigns. We create striking graphics with bold headlines that push users to your site and build awareness for your brand. The best part? They can cost as little as 0.01 cent per impression!


Remarketing Ads

Online shoppers rarely buy on their first visit. They usually compare different brands, prices, and retailers before making a purchase. So it’s important you stay top-of-mind while they’re still browsing. We do this by targeting users who have already visited your site with ‘remarketing’ ads.



YouTube Ads

If you want to pique your audience’s curiosity for a low cost, Youtube Ads are a great way to get their attention. If you have a brand video or product explainer video, we can show it to targeted audiences while they’re browsing the Youtube platform.


Google Search

With an estimated 5.6 billion searches on Google every day, it really is the ultimate conversion-booster. Our carefully-crafted Google Ads make sure you show up on the first page and capture your audience while they’re in the ‘buying’ mindset.



App campaigns

Want more app downloads? We can connect you to your ideal audience with ads that take users straight to your app in the Google Play and Apple stores for download. Your app campaigns are shown across YouTube, display, search and within the Google Play store itself.

Our clients get outstanding results

Our Google Ad approach

1. Audit

Our detailed Google Ads audit will give you an idea of how your campaigns are performing. We’ll take a look at things like ad copy, bidding strategy, keywords, and landing pages to see what you’re doing well and what can be improved.

2. Strategy

With a step-by-step roadmap, we’ll demonstrate exactly what needs to be done to achieve your goals. Our team will discuss our approach with you and present a campaign ‘plan of action’ with budgets and schedules.

3. Advertising

When you’ve given our strategy the go-ahead, we’ll get straight to work on creating your campaigns. To ensure we’re consistently improving ROI, we’ll constantly review, test, and tweak them.

4. Reporting

You’re never in the dark about your Google Ads. We generate detailed reports every week and explain the results to you in plain English. You’ll have regular consultations with your account manager too!


Why go with us?

PPC is one of the best ways to get your conversion rates healthy, but when it’s done wrong it can quickly cost you a fortune in junk traffic and useless bidding wars.

Simply put – we can save you a lot of advertising money. We know what works, especially for eCommerce. At Ireland Website Design, we concentrate on conversions, not just clicks.

Ready to get started? Let’s talk.

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