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Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels. When done correctly, it’s highly cost-efficient and has a great return on investment.

Our marketing team can help your organisation connect directly with the people that matter. With one of our custom email marketing campaigns, you can increase that client base, build working relationships and promote your latest events and offers.

Keep in touch with your clients and keep your business in their minds with daily, weekly or monthly emails to remind them of why they chose you in the first place!

Email Marketing For eCommerce

Email marketing for eCommerce companies is an effective strategy that you can use to promote your products to existing and brand-new customers.

Having an email marketing strategy at the ready for your eCommerce store can help you:

Increase user engagement
Build customer loyalty
Announce sale events
Boost your conversions

The team at Ireland Website Design specialises in crafting emails for eCommerce businesses, and here are a few examples of some of the high-converting emails campaigns we’ve built for our customers in the past.

Examples of Marketing Emails

Examples of Marketing Emails
Email Marketing 1
Email Marketing 2
Email Marketing 2

When you use email marketing for your eCommerce store, you can use a wide range of tools to help boost your sales and get more revenue flowing through your company. You can also use automation to help you increase your conversions and get more people interested in the products you’re selling.

Some of the automated emails we can implement for you include:

If you want to increase your customer loyalty and improve your sales, then let our team develop an eCommerce email marketing campaign for your business.

automated -emails

What Are The Benefits of Email Marketing?

1. It is cost-effective

Compare to traditional advertising, email marketing has a higher return on investment.

2. You are targeting your customers

They’ll be easier to convert to sales than someone completely new to your company.

3. You can choose what you send to who

Email marketing software enables segmentation of users, which means you can target clients with offers/events that they will be interested in.

4. Email marketing software tracks open rates, click-through rates and conversion rates

Giving you unique insight into what your clients respond to (and what they don’t)

5. Emails can be easily shared

Which means a special offer or event can spread like wildfire through your clients and their friends/colleagues/acquaintances.

So what are you waiting for? Start getting your name out there and remind previous clients how great your business is!

Email Marketing Partners

perfect email marketing strategy

How we develop the perfect email marketing strategy for your business

Deciding whether to invest your money in any kind of marketing strategy is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Developing an email marketing strategy for your business is a cost-effective way to promote yourself online and grow your revenue.

Our team can help you develop a data-driven email marketing strategy for your business that will:

We offer email marketing that will help completely cement your unique brand identity in your customers’ minds, so you can continue to get high-quality leads through the door.

Take your marketing to the next level by investing in our email marketing services.

Our approach to email marketing

Why we love to work with Klaviyo

One of our favourite platforms to work with when it comes to email marketing is Klaviyo. It’s an easy-to-use email platform that lets our clients clearly see what’s going into their email marketing.

Klaviyo has a lot of great features, including:

Using Klaviyo as your email marketing platform of choice will allow you to easily drive sales and improve conversions. Klaviyo also makes it easy for us to share jargon-free reports and analytics with all our clients, so they can clearly see how their email campaigns are performing.

We can help you implement the perfect email marketing campaign today – even if it’s not with Klaviyo.


Tactics to grow email subscribers

A major part of email marketing is capturing customers email addresses with permission to market to them. With this in mind we run a number of strategies to grow your subscribers usually mixed in with paid marketing, when customers are purchasing on your store or submitting enquiries we will always give them the option to opt in. We can also create lead magnets customers will download in exchange for their details, we can also run VIP clubs for retail websites and customer loyalty systems.

Boosting Subscribers on Black Friday

Boosting Subscribers on Black Friday

To increase email list size in the run up to Black Friday and other big sales dates, we offer customers the chance to register to get a password for early access to the Black Friday sales items before anyone else.

Increasing Subscribers

Increasing Subscribers With Download Like Price Guides

Often customers are really keen to know how much services cost, we don’t need to tell them the price but we can provide a downloadable guide that gives consumers ballpark costs or examples in return for adding them to our mailing list.

Increasing Subscribers
Running Competitions

Running Competitions in Exchange For Opt In’s

We can run viral social media marketing competitions where we drive customers to your website to opt in for marketing with the chance to win your goods or services, people love competitions so this can really increase the size of your subscription list.

VIP Buyer Clubs To Increase

VIP Buyer Clubs To Increase Subscribers

Boost the number of subscribers by creating a loyalty system just for your customers – they need to opt in to your marketing to join and in return we can send them special offers

VIP Buyer Clubs To Increase

Why choose our team to help you with your email marketing?

Choosing the right team to conduct your email marketing is an important decision to make. You want to ensure that the people crafting your emails know what they’re doing, understand your audience and can continuously show you how your emails are improving your business.

Here at Ireland Website Design, we’re always doing our best to support our clients with digital marketing services that deliver. We’ve been in this game for over a decade now, so we know exactly what it takes to get an email marketing strategy to work perfectly.

We’ll provide you with email marketing services that will improve your online presence, enhance your branding and increase your conversions. We’ll also provide you with detailed reports so you can clearly see how your emails are performing every month.

Let our team of talented writers compose emails for your business that will help you bring more revenue into your company and give you the ROI you deserve.

Why choose our team

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