What Is Remarketing And How It Can Help You Make More Sales

Remarketing is a system which targets browsers who have visited your website but have not taken any action on it. Yet all is not lost, remarketing advertisement allows you to target them specifically in the hopes of tempting them back to your website and making that conversion. 

Perhaps they need an incentive? Perhaps they ended up on your website by accident? Perhaps they simply had to stop using their computer/mobile device? Whatever the reason, you had a visitor to your website yet they did not take any actions resulting in conversions (i.e. fill out a contact us from, sign up for your newsletter or purchase something etc.).


How does it work?
By paying online advertisement agencies for this specific kind of advertisement known as remarketing, you gain the power to potentially recapture lost customers. Much like how cookies store certain forms of browsing information, remarketing ads display to a browser who has been on your website but as mentioned above, left without taking any action. If after leaving your website they stay online and continuing browsing elsewhere, remarketing ads can kick in and display your business ads on other websites. They serve primarily to remind this browser of your website and (depending on the advertisement agency) you can pick the text and structure of this ad. You may offer an incentive for the browser to click on the ad to return to your website or you may just want to remind them that your website and business serves the needs that they had been looking to fulfil. In short, remarketing ads keep your business and your business website at the forefront of browsers’ consciousness when online with a view to leaving this impression in their minds when they go offline.


How can it help you make more sales?
By occupying the consciousness of a potential buyer, your business positions itself as part of their overall buyer behaviour. Instead of them having to browse online to fulfil their particular needs, through remarketing they have a better chance of remembering your business and therefore a higher chance of searching for your website directly. Coupled with the fact that they have visited your website at least once before and they still have a need to be fulfilled (through the purchasing of a product/service that you offer), they come to your website ready to take action and make a conversion. A less direct method that can help you make more sales via remarketing is through the incentive you offer through your remarketing ads. If you ask browsers to submit their e-mail address to receive a discount code or more information etc., you can add them to your mailing list(s). In this way, they will receive further correspondence from your business in the form of mailers and newsletters whereby they may see something that piques their interest and results in a sale.


At Ireland Website Design, our experts do not only develop and design websites, but we can also create custom landing pages that you can use for your remarketing ads. Combining our knowledge of online browsing habits, responsive and mobile responsive design and online advertising; talk to us today about your website and online marketing needs.

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