Start Attracting More Local Clients With Local SEO

Helping local businesses dominate the local search results

What is local SEO? Why do you need it?

Every search engine has one mission and one mission only – to give the user the most relevant and useful results possible.

In order to give local users the best results possible, they search for local businesses that fit exactly what that user is looking for. By
improving your local SEO, you can show the search engines that you are exactly what your clients are searching for.

Your position on the local search results depends on whether or not your website contains the necessary elements that Google, or any
other search engine, is looking for.

Local Listings

Local Listing

Organic Listings

Organic Listing

When you invest in local SEO you’ll be able to...

Reach clients in your area

Get more calls and in-store visits

Geographic specific strategies

Boost your reputation

Reduce your reliance on paid ads

Build repeat,
local customers

Attract more relevant traffic

Build trust and credibility

Improve your
online visibility

your sales

How we get you ranked in the local search results

Our local SEO tactics will help your site show up for anybody looking to shop for what you sell in your location.

To help you get ranked high in the search results we:

Optimise your Google My Business profile
Ensure your details are right in local business citations
Conduct thorough local keyword research
Study the quality of your reviews
Improve the quality of local search citations
Build local-specific pages on your website

Want to start making the improvements needed to get noticed by your local audience?

Improve your online presence & attract more local business

Local SEO, just like SEO, is crucial to your long-term success online. If you’ve been in this game a long time, you’ll know by now that if you want to be noticed by your local community, you have to improve your local SEO.

If your local competitors are hitting the front page of Google without even breaking a sweat, and you’re lagging behind on page 4 or 5 then it’s time to bring out the big guns. You’re just as incredible as your competitors (if not better!) and you want to show your local clients that you’re the right choice to go with.

Whether you’re looking for a local SEO expert to help you improve your current website or you’ve got a brand new website and you need help building up your local SEO from the start, the team at Ireland Website Design is here for you.

Your local SEO couldn’t be in safer hands with Ireland Website Design. We know what it takes to get a local business high up the search results because we’ve been in this game a long time – over 11 years.

Beat your local competition to the top of the local search results with a tailored SEO strategy aimed at creating a powerful revenue stream for your business.

Improve Your Online Presence

Our Local SEO Approach

1. Audit

By carrying out a thorough local SEO audit, you’ll be able to see exactly where each of your pages currently rank on the search results.

We’ll show you how to compare your rankings to your competitors and help diagnose any technical issues that need fixing.

2. Strategy

Our team will carry out detailed local keyword research specifically tailored to your company.

We’ll build a strategy to help you build links, optimise your on-page SEO, write blogs and fix any technical issues. We’ll also show you the results we expect to achieve in the given timeframe.

3. Implementation

As soon as you’re happy with the strategy we’ve come up with we’ll start generating local SEO-friendly copy for your website, gathering local backlinks, updating your Google My Business, fixing any technical errors and writing local specific blog posts to attract local clients.

4. Reporting

Reporting can be confusing if you’re unfamiliar with how it works. This is why we offer jargon-free consultations that help you gain a clear understanding of how your website is performing every week for your chosen search terms. Our Local SEO monthly reports include metrics such as phone calls website visits, direction requests, non-branded search volume, branded search volume, total views (impressions) in Google search & total views (impressions) in Google Maps.

Our Local SEO Packages


Ideal for Local business
in a city
  • 50 Total Keywords
  • 10 Primary Keywords
  • 40 Secondary Keywords
  • 1 Targeted GEOs
  • b +10 Local listings
  • Basic on-page SEO
  • Basic Conversion Tracking


Ideal for Local business
in a city
  • 75 Total Keywords
  • 15 Primary Keywords
  • 60 Secondary Keywords
  • 1 Targeted GEOs
  •   + 15 Local listings
  • Professional on-page SEO
  • Advanced Conversion tracking
Ideal for Local business
in mid size city
  • 100 Total Keywords
  • 20 Primary Keywords
  • 80 Secondary Keywords
  • Up to 3 Targeted GEOs
  •    + 20 Local listings
  • Professional on-page SEO
  • Professional on-page SEO
  • Advanced Conversion tracking
  • Professional Social Posting
  • Media Creation and Distribution
Ideal for Local business
in mid size city
  • 150 Total Keywords
  • 30 Primary Keywords
  • 120 Secondary Keywords
  • Up to 4 Targeted GEOs 
  •  + 30 Local listings
  • Advanced on-Page SEO
  • Professional on-page SEO
  • Advanced Conversion tracking
  • Advanced Social Outreach
  • Advanced Media Creation and Distribution
  • Call Tracking

There are so many agencies
you could choose from - so
why choose us?

Choosing the right agency to work on your local SEO isn’t a decision you make overnight – we get that. If you’ve dealt with SEO providers before and they’ve left you in the dark, hid results or didn’t do their job right, then we understand your hesitation.

You won’t experience that kind of behaviour here at Ireland Website Design. You’ll always have access to view all of the local SEO work we carry out on your website. You’ll be alerted when tasks are completed, and you’ll be given detailed reports on the performance of your site.

Along with this, we’ll set realistic expectations for your business. We don’t promise the impossible, but we do deliver the highest quality local SEO services possible.

Let us help you get your website ranked high today.

Ready to get started? Let’s talk.

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