Understanding Google AdWords: Clicks + Conversions

While organic SEO is very important, one should not underestimate the power and reach of paid advertising such as Google Adwords. This can bolster your presence online and help you reach a bigger audience. Your first foray into this can be a bit confusing however, so here we explain what ‘Clicks’ and ‘Conversions’ refer to.

The ‘clicks’ counter on your AdWords dashboard shows you many times one of your Google Ads has been clicked on. When you advertise with Google, your website ad will appear at the top of the SERP page in one of the top three/four positions. Each click tells you how many times your ad has been clicked on or tapped on if accessed by a mobile user. Therefore this amount shows you how many times your ad was both shown online and also clicked upon, bringing those who click on it to the landing page you have connected to your ad. So your clicks counter can show you how successful your ad was in reaching people. This success may me down to the budget assigned to your ad, the text/description of the ad or even what they ad itself was advertising/offering.

To effectively use AdWords, you should set up an end goal of what you want your ad to achieve. Yes your main goal is to make sales, but another common goal is to see how many visitors have come to your website via your ad(s) and then go on to complete a contact form on your website. Having a tangible goal such as this in place means that you can quantify how your ads perform in terms of reaching your goals. When this goal has been met, Google AdWords refers to this as a conversion. The person who visited your website transformed during this process from a browser (browsing online and then came across your ad), into a visitor (clicked on the ad and arrived to your website) and has now converted into a potential customer i.e. a warm lead (as they have made contact with your company via the contact form).

Clicks and conversions are just two of the many metrics within Google Adwords. The expert team at Ireland Website Design can explain and teach this to you, or completely manage your AdWords campaign if you wish to outsource this time consuming task. Our work drives sales to your business.

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