The 8 Step Process Of Creating A Website

Over the last six years, we have worked endlessly to perfect our website design process.

Our 8 Step Approach To Creating A Website

Split into 8 intricate phases, our process is devoted to every stage of crafting a high-quality, high-conversion website. Our web design process is designed to ensure every member of our team understands each client’s unique needs.

Each project we work on follows a strict chronological set of repeat processes. We’ve found that no matter how diverse the project, they usually share around 80% of the same steps in the creation process. So if you’re wondering how we manage to do it, here’s our website building process and how it can help your business.

PHASE 1 The first phase is the Discovery Process.

Undertaken with our digital marketing strategist, this step revolves around us understanding your business, your competitors, your current online presence and your desired outcome from your new website. Usually, the discovery process takes place over 2 – 3 in-person meetings and a couple of phone calls. This is us setting the cement for the foundation of your company’s new online home.

During these meetings, we will do thorough research into your company’s performance in your industry; a full evaluation of your online presence and analysis of your competitors’ online strategy. You’ll decide on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for your new site’s success (more traffic, more sales, more inquiries etc.) and then you can move onto sharing examples of sites that inspire you. Essentially, the Discovery Process is us getting to know you and your business, so we can fully realise your online potential with your new site.

Once all this information has been gathered, the discovery process documents are ‘handed over’ to the project manager. The final meeting with our digital marketing strategist is an introduction to our project manager and the next stage of your project.

PHASE 2 The Architecture Phase

With the discovery process information at hand, your project manager will take your website project onto the next stage of our process – the Architecture Phase . For this stage, we use the project management software Teamwork Projects. This gives you full access to what each member of our team is working on for your project. Your project is split into tasks and each task is assigned a team member and due date.

The Architecture Phase will include mood board creation and wire frames for key pages, in addition to collecting all the text, images, files and documents needed for your website. We store this in the online platform Gather Content. If you opt-in for our copywriting services, you’ll have access to our copywriting team’s work online. Through GatherContent, you can check through and make any edits you want and then approve it for use on your new website. Simple, easy and accessible anywhere! We provide complete transparency in your project’s progress via the use of Teamwork – giving you security in knowing exactly what steps are needed for each stage of your website’s build. Once everything is gathered together, you can sign off on this step. We can then move onto the graphic design element and mock-ups.

PHASE 3 The Design Phase

At this stage, we know precisely what you want and need from your website. Our team of graphic designers will now create all the graphics required for your project. Throughout this period you will be in constant contact with the project manager. The Design Phase can include mock-ups of your final website pages, logo designs and stationary – depending on your needs. Once this work is complete and you have signed off on the final designs, it’s time to begin building your site.

PHASE 4 The Building Phase

Once all of your designs have been approved, our team of web developers create your website. With the project management software in place, our operations manager can ensure everything is running on-time, to plan and on-budget. You have access to real-time updates on your project’s progress via Teamwork – keeping you up-to-date and in-the-know.

PHASE 5 The Testing Phase

Now your website is fully built, the Testing Phase can take place. This involves our eagle-eyed developers and managers hunting down any possible issues from the build process. If any are found, they’re fixed fully before your website goes live.

PHASE 6 The Launch and Warranty Phase

After your project is fully tested and gets your approval, it’s time to LAUNCH and your new website is live! Our websites are carefully crafted to such a high standard; we even include a 30-day guarantee of free maintenance if there is a problem from the site’s development.

PHASE 7 The Training Phase

With all our websites we include a certain amount of staff training – the level of detail and difficulty this goes into is entirely your choice. Some of our clients want to know how to update their blogs or photos, others prefer to have our team update their site, going forward with a Customer Care Package. Keeping the back-end of your website safe and secure is paramount, we can show you how to update software and anti-virus during training or provide you with a stress-free tailored update package.

PHASE 8 Is That It? NO! Marketing, You Need To Let Customers Know You’re Here!

Having a high quality website that will convert visitors to buyers is one thing – but what if your target audience are completely unaware of its existence? You’ll need to market your new site correctly, on the right mediums and to the right people. Luckily, we are a full service digital agency. We thrive on providing effective online marketing that delivers sales and profits to our clients. Check out our online marketing services here or fill in the form below and receive our company brochure in your inbox!

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