WordPress Custom Theme Development

We are WordPress experts and can create a custom theme to help your business stand out from the crowd.

Without having to adhere to a pre-set theme or template within WordPress; getting a custom theme developed gives you the freedom and flexibility to have your website looking, feeling and performing exactly as you want it to. The Ireland Website Design team are expert users of the WordPress CMS and we can create for your business a custom theme to really stand out from the millions of other live business websites (which include your competitors) online today.

Wordpress custom theme development - Sive project

There are many benefits to WordPress Custom Theme Development

A Speedy, Streamlined Website:

With a custom template in use, your website is built using exactly what it needs. When a website uses a ready-made template, it is quite often the case that less than 100% of the features of that template are used. These still have to load in the background however (as part of the overall template package) and as such can place a drain on your website speed. A custom template includes no filler or excess code for a bespoke website that is both speedy and streamlined.

A Flexible, Unconstrained Website:

When we design a WordPress custom theme, we do so to your aesthetic and functional desires. As the theme is completely custom and therefore unique to you and your business, the sky really is the limit. If you want your website to have a flashing green box in the top left-hand corner of each webpage, so be it. Likewise if you would like each of your page tabs to be listed in a vertical line as opposed to the more traditional horizontal layout, this is entirely possible.

Superior Service & Support:

For any tweaks, edits or problem with your website, you can come straight to us here at Ireland Website Design as the builders and designers of your custom theme. When using a pre-rendered WordPress theme however, you will have to raise a ticket or send off an e-mail to get any type of support. With an estimated 20% of all websites today using the WordPress CMS, their support lead times would not be as quick as with a digital agency such as ourselves.

Visible Competitive Edge:

Obtaining a custom WordPress theme for your website can be looked upon as a milestone for your business. With it, it shows that your business is a viable one that can justify the cost of a custom theme and look upon it as an investment for the business. In tandem with this, your customers and potential customers will recognise your robust online efforts as your custom theme can utilise features that appeal directly to them and help them to fulfil their needs.

As we build and design your custom WordPress theme here at Ireland Website Design, you can be assured that you will be receiving a theme that is created to the highest of web design standards today. This ensures that you are getting quality code and a custom theme that we are happy to put our name and reputation to. Our expert team thoroughly tests each and every aspect of your custom theme working both on budget and on deadline. All of our website builds are optimised to survive and thrive online and our work drives sales to your  business. As your custom theme will be built for the WordPress CMS, you are also benefitting from the great and simple to use features of WordPress such as:

  • Access to the ‘Loop’ to easily add and edit pages and blog posts
  • The use of plugins (which we can also customise) to add niche features
  • Dynamic and responsive performance on both desktop and mobile

The team at Ireland Website Design are expert WordPress users and designers and can create and curate custom plugins and solutions for you and your business. Call us on 051393524 to discuss your needs and how we can create your dream WordPress website.

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