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Delivering innovative online educational resources to Irish schools

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Engaging students to develop an enjoyment of scientific inquisitiveness.

Based in Co. Clare, Science Solutions Resources are created by teachers for teachers. Their increasingly popular educational resources are used in numerous schools throughout the country, receiving exceptional feedback from experienced teachers.

Featuring unique interactive e-books with vibrant, fully animated and annotated learning resources, Science Solutions encourage visualisation and understanding of the topics covered.

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Studio Task

The Task

With their old website solely focused on their original product and new eCommerce functionality required, Science Solution’s owner knew it was time to invest in an updated website.

Our Solution

A complete overhaul of the company’s branding and website was completed. To help increase lead generation, a new lead magnet of a free sample of the educational resources was created. Integrated with the client’s existing email software, we then created a full lead nurture email series to help convert interested educators into paying customers.

A new customer log in area was created, where both educators and students can access the latest edition of their resources.

Science Solutions Delivered

What We Delivered

  • Logo Redesign
  • Business Analysis
  • Website Design & Development
  • Mobile Responsive Website Design
  • Onsite and Local SEO Optimisation
  • Customer Log In Area
  • Website Management Training
  • Website Accessibility
  • Lead Nurturing Email Series


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Icon Style

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What’s Inside The Pages

Mobile Friendly Design

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Kora King Science Solutions

What Science Solutions Had To Say

“Nick and the team at Ireland Website Design were extremely helpful and easy to deal with throughout the process of designing and developing my website. Their commitment and continued support is excellent. I fully recommended them and wish them continued success in the future.”

– Kora King, Science Solutions

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