Magento Training

Do you have a Magento website but don't know how to manage it? Our developers are a friendly team who love to help people looking to learn more about what they do. Training sessions in website maintenance and updating are a standard for all of our Magento projects.

What's covered in a website management training session?

Each session is unique to you as a company - we tailor training to your abilities and needs. Generally speaking, we'll cover the basics of how to log-in, add users, remove users, add/remove content and add/remove media. We'll cover how to keep your site safe and show you how to update security software. If you want to know more about social media and online marketing, we run specific workshops catering to these needs. We help people of all ages and abilities get their businesses online and interacting with their clients.

Training sessions can cater for as many staff as you need - we generally work on 1 developer: 3 people ratio per session. This ensures you get high quality training on a personal level, with all your questions answered in a friendly, informal setting.

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