Magento Custom Theme Development

A custom Magento theme can result in a beautiful eCommerce website, but it does take some groundwork to get to this point

Magento Custom Theme Development

A custom Magento theme can result in a beautiful eCommerce website, but it does take some groundwork to get to this point. Ireland Website Design offer our clients custom-built Magento themes for those who do not want to be stuck with preloaded Magento templates as they may not fit the idea you have in mind for your online shop. Our expert team are experts at using and designing within Magento and can create a high-quality, first-class custom theme for you. This means that your branding, mission and vision statements can all be fulfilled online via a custom Magento theme built just for you and your business. There are many positive traits to this:

  • Stand apart from the competition with a theme that only your website has
  • Have all of the functions that you need withn your website
  • Unrestricted use of branding, colours and fonts as per your company image
  • Addition of features beyond what standard Magento themes and templates offer
  • A custom template built for your business exactly as you want and need it

Magento is very accommodating to the use of custom themes and implores their users to use them. However this is easier said than done and should be really left to website design and/or digital agency professionals to complete. There is a lot of coding required (which is another plus as this high quality code will be created for you and you only), which requires a knowledge of backend web development. For example, if you were to edit or delete any of the files within the ‘Base’ folder within the Magento  backend, your website would experience definite problems and may even go offline without being able to be retrieved. Magento has many cascading folders that house the files and code of your website, such as ‘layout’, ‘RWD’ and ‘adminhtml’. The team at Ireland Website Design is experienced with the entire Magento backend and use these folders on a daily basis – we know exactly how to get your custom theme live and ready to drive sales to your business online.

With Magento being the preferred CMS for online shops/eCommerce sites,  it is not uncommon to come across eCommerce sites that have a very similar feel and layout. Using a custom team removes this from happening to your eCommerce site and gives your business an online USP to survive and thrive online. When it comes to building the online face of your company using a custom theme, you obviously want this to be worked on by expert hands. Trust the expert team at Ireland Website Design to do this for you to the highest of standards – we produce websites that survive and thrive online and are responsive and optimised to drive sales to your business. As a premier digital agency, we:

  • Have a sprawling portfolio of successful Magento website builds
  • Amassed many positive feedback comments and testimonials
  • Fostered and nurtured great working relationships with worldwide clients

The team at Ireland Website Design are expert Magneto users and designers and can create and curate custom Magento extensions for you. Call us on 051393524 to discuss your needs and how we can create your dream Magento website.

Make Your Magento Website Stand Out

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