Magento Custom Extension Development

Magento Custom Extension development is a skill that the Ireland Website Design team are experts in

Magento Custom Extension Development

Magento Custom Extension development is a skill that the Ireland Website Design team are experts in. We know that you want your online store to look, feel and perform a certain way and Magento custom extension development allows for this. Custom extensions allow your eCommerce site to perform as per your instructions and as such, the possibilities are nearly endless. Responsive websites really come to life with the addition of custom features. Custom extensions are added to the template of your website and can work both on visual and functional levels (or a combination of the two) with visual extensions obviously visible on the frontend whereas functional extensions work in the background out of sight in the backend.

Examples of Magento Extensions would be:

  • Development of custom payment plugins
  • Add a slider of colour swatches to allow website visitors to view products in the range of colours they are available in
  • Development of plugins with APIs that connect to existing systems like accounting software, point of sale systems or CRM’s
  • Offer product recommendations to website visitors based on their previous browsing and purchasing history
  • Development of plugins to help you migrate data from one system to another

As regular users and custom designers of the Magento CMS, the team here at Ireland Website Design are familiar with  some of the most common off the shelf extensions and can also work with many of these in your project. This saves you  money without the need for a custom extension when something suitable already exists. These extensions and plugins  can be broken down under the following headings:


Customer Experience

To setup a loyalty programme to reward repeat spend

Site Management

Tools such as an admin actions log to keep track of admins


To auto-detect locations (by IP address) to display correct currencies


Automation to send an e-mail to users who 
‘abandon’ their shopping cart


That can allow for those with an account to 
login with their mobile number

As you can see from above, the custom options that Magento extensions provide can save you and your staff from having to complete menial and time-consuming tasks. Because you decide on exactly what you need your custom extension to do, it is built to work exactly within your Magento theme. This makes your website truly unique and attuned to your target audience(s). Clients choose us here at Ireland Website Design to create and deploy their custom Magento extensions because they know they will be receiving a quality extension especially made for them and them only. We specialise in custom creation for online content, so you can be assured of receiving the following when you choose to work with us:

  • A piece of code that is expertly coded specifically for your website
  • Many years’ worth of experience with custom Magento websites and extensions
  • Implementation and functional testing of your custom extension into your website
  • Clear and transparent quotes and lead times for your project
  • A friendly and knowledgeable team who provide updates and support

So if you want your Magento website to go beyond the basic and be turbocharged to actively drive sales to your business; you should really consider custom Magento extension development. Not only do custom extensions enhance your website theme to stand out from the crowd visually, but they also work behind the scenes to assist your workforce by completing the menial yet important tasks encountered with eCommerce websites. With thousands of new eCommerce websites going live online every single day, make sure your Magento site rises above the rest.

The team at Ireland Website Design are expert Magneto users and designers and can create and curate custom Magento extensions for you. Call us on 051393524 to discuss your needs and how we can create your dream Magento website.

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