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Launching a new online presence for a local pharmacy

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Helping the people of Dungarvan and beyond since 1963

Dungarvan Pharmacy is home to a friendly team experienced in all healthcare and beauty matters.

As a full-service Irish Pharmacy, they help local residents with effective care, essential advice and high-quality products, always. Their valued customers continuously place their trust in them due to an unrivalled track record of personalised service, specialising in skin, respiratory and allergy issues.

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The Task

With a unique on-site salt cave therapy service, Dungarvan Pharmacy wanted a new eCommerce website to promote their range of health services and products to a wider audience.

Our Solutions

Our design team completed a brand overhaul – designing a new logo and colour palette that reflected the pharmacy’s approach to natural health and skin care. Our copywriter completed the main pages of text on the website. Our developers built out a mobile-responsive online shop to help the Dungarvan Pharmacy team enter the online marketplace.

What We Delivered

  • Logo Redesign
  • Business Analysis
  • Website Design & Development
  • EPOS Integration
  • Mobile Responsive Website Design
  • Onsite and Local SEO Optimisation
  • Content Strategy and Copywriting Service
  • Website Management Training
  • Website Accessibility
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Mobile Friendly Design

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What’s Inside The Pages

Dungarvan Feedback

What Dungarvan Had To Say

“The refreshed branding really reflects the new era of our pharmacy. We’re excited for what the future holds and I know our online store is going to play a huge part of it.”

– Ray Kelly, Dungarvan Pharmacy

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