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Drupal Custom Theme Development

Drupal Custom Module Development

Drupal custom theme development is the option to choose when you want more than a standard theme for your Drupal website. There are limitations to what the standard Drupal themes and templates can do, and therefore getting a custom theme created for your business website is a popular option. With a custom theme not only will your website have its own distinct look and feel, but it will also have its own set of bespoke features that will be unique to your business website. We here at Ireland Website Design are experts at both using and designing for the Drupal CMS and can curate and create a bespoke theme for you. The advantages of this are numerous:

  • Have a streamlined framework stripped free of unnecessary features (therefore a faster site)
  • Set your business apart online with a custom aesthetic theme (a visual USP for your business)
  • Receive a template that is fully bug free and tested (to provide a seamless visitor UX)
  • Incorporate features for both your business and your customers (include niche aspects applicable to your business)
  • Invest in a piece of quality code for your business (something you will always own that cannot be copied by a competitor)

When working with website themes, there are three main elements to keep in mind: responsive speed, visual aesthetics and functional usage. When you opt for a custom theme or template to be made for your website, you have the power to dictate how each of these elements perform. So in terms of responsiveness and speed, decisions and optimisations can be made at the hard coding stages to produce a theme that is speedy and responsive (free from the lags that some pre-rendered themes include due to an abundance of unnecessary features). Visual aesthetics can also be completely dictated by your desires and by your brand image. Each and every area of the website can be custom, i.e. the header can be a vertical menu instead of horizontal where you can decide on the colours, fonts and shapes used etc. Website functions can also be incorporated into your custom theme as you need them. Let your customers benefit from a bespoke loyalty programme when buying products through your website, for example. What you want and what you need can be built into your bespoke theme.

Here at Ireland Website Design, we consist of a team of expert web designers and digital marketers. Between us, we have many years of experience working with clients and businesses all around the world of different shapes and sizes. When you get a website designed and deployed by us, you also receive the following traits which are essential for a business website to survive and thrive online today:

  • A custom website that is responsive on both desktop and mobile devices
  • The use of expert search engine optimisation to give your website the best potential
  • Clear and transparent quotes, lead times and communication throughout your project
  • Full website testing and de-bugging before live launch online
  • Further support options available to keep your website driving sales to your business

The team at Ireland Website Design are expert Drupal users and designers and can create and curate custom Drupal modules
for you. Call us on 051393524 to discuss your needs and how we can create your dream Drupal website.

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