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Drupal Custom Module Development

Drupal Custom Module Development

When you need your Drupal website to perform a specific action or task, you may need to avail of Drupal Custom Module Development. A custom developed module can be used to add a feature or features to the template of your website. This is useful to you and your business because it can fulfil needs for both your staff and your clients. Whether it be data capturing in the form of a custom form, adding a hits/views counter to blog posts or the ability for your website visitors to upload files to your website; Drupal custom module development can do this for you. You do not need to settle for the features and functions that the standard Drupal theme and templates provide. Here at Ireland Website Design, we can create custom Drupal modules to add custom functions to your website.

The Drupal CMS contains two main types of modules detailed below. It is always recommended that these modules are left alone if you are unsure about any aspect of them. To prevent your website from encountering any problems (or even going offline), consult a professional website designer/digital agency to make changes to your Drupal backend that will improve and not harm your Drupal website. The backend of websites contains many technical coding elements that take time and skill to learn and understand. As an example, the two main Drupal module types are:

Core Module
Core Modules
Contribute Module
Contributed Modules

These form the core of your Drupal website and it is not advised to tamper or edit with these modules. The settings of these core modules however can be tweaked and changed if needed (but it would be advised to let a professional web design agency familiar with the Drupal interface to do this for you). Core modules live in the main modules directory.

These extend the functions of the core Drupal modules to add additional functionality and performance to your website. These are custom created to serve a particular purpose and can be integrated into your Drupal theme to perform as you need them to. Contributed modules are housed in the sites directory.

We here at Ireland Website Design love Drupal and love working on it. We fully understand and appreciate both the front and backend of the Drupal CMS and can optimise this to suit your individual business website needs. As a premier digital agency, our work with Drupal has increased year on year and has also led to an increase of both clients and positive testimonials for them. Choose our friendly and expert team at Ireland Website Design for your Drupal custom module development to be guaranteed:

  • A fully custom, high-quality piece of code built only for you
  • All relevant testing, integration and support for your custom module
  • Clear and transparent quotes, lead times and expectations

The team at Ireland Website Design are expert Drupal users and designers and can create and curate custom Drupal modules
for you. Call us on 051393524 to discuss your needs and how we can create your dream Drupal website.

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