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What is Discovery and Why Is It Essential?

Business Discovery & Analysis

What is the ‘Discovery Process’? Why should your company bother with it? The short answer is: If you value your company and your online presence, you will invest in the Discovery Process.

Building a website without thorough research is like building a house without laying solid foundations. It might look OK from the outside – it might even last a few weeks – but eventually it will crumble and end up costing you more money to clean up the mess. Building a website costs money and takes time. By going through Discovery, you can eliminate wasted hours of work and costly miscommunication.

Projects That Skip The Discovery Process Run Into A Number Of Problems:

Pricing Issues including inaccurate cost proposals, or the agreed price increases during the website build

Communication Issues including the design needing a lot of changes, causing delays or the website designer disappears or is uncontactable

Timing Issues like milestones being missed, resulting in rushed/incomplete parts of the build or the website going over deadline

Performance Issues such as the client not being happy with the finalised website or the website doesn’t achieve its goals, i.e. more sales

There are three essential factors to successful web design projects:

Research, Communication and Understanding

Our uniquely-tailored Discovery Process revolves around all three.

So what exactly is Discovery and how will it help your business?

Discovery is an in-depth research gathering and idea creation process.

Discovery gets to the heart of your company’s true needs to facilitate increased revenue and client interaction. We want to learn your story. We want to know your company as well as you do.

In Discovery, we’ll ask you plenty of questions, brainstorm ideas together and get to know your organisation as in-depth as possible. We’ll usually have three to five meetings with you, each lasting around an hour. Ideally, these take place over the course of two weeks – otherwise everyone will get information overload!

By understanding your company’s needs and history, our team can fully comprehend the scope of the project ahead. By researching properly, we can then prepare an accurate quotation for the work needed – ensuring there are no nasty surprise costs later on.

We have refined our Discovery system over many years, ensuring it always gets the right results.

What Happens During Discovery Sessions?

The first two sessions are all about you. Essentially, we carry out a full market analysis including finding out about: your company; why you do what you do; how you do it better than anyone else; your mission; your history and what you would like to see in the future. The goals we consider as high priority will determine the structure of your website and help our copywriters create clear calls to action (CTAs). We want to know your timeline, your past experiences, your worries about the project and your in-house resources.

The next two sessions focus on your clients/audience: who they are; what they do; what they like; what they don’t like; what they need and how you provide it. We focus on how your audience engages with you: how you target your marketing and branding to them; how they find you; how they interact with you as a company and we’ll analyse how you interact on social media.

What Does Discovery Give You?

Without a thorough, reliable web design Discovery Process, delivering a high-quality, custom website user experience (which performs well, looks stylish and results in the conversion rates your company deserves) simply can’t happen.

After going through our thorough Discovery Process, you can be confident in making smart, informed decisions about your project going ahead. With Discovery, you will know exactly what you need in terms of design, functionality, features and content. After the Discovery Process, we can then create a quotation for the work your company needs to succeed online, according to your KPIs.

You can see pricing and sign up for discovery here:

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