Understanding Google AdWords: Impressions + Click Through Rate

Google AdWords contains many words and terms that those unfamiliar with the platform may struggle to understand at first. Here in this blog we look at what Impressions and Click Through Rates are and explain them to you.

Each time your Google Ad is shown to a person browsing online (i.e. it appears to them on a SERP), this counts as an impression. So with each of your ad campaigns, your AdWords dashboard will show you via the impressions counter how many times your ad was shown online. Obviously the more impressions your ad obtains, the more chance it has to reach potential customers. Your ad budget, keywords, group and other similar factors determine how many impressions your ad can make while it is live online.

Click Through Rate
This figure details as to how many times your ad was clicked on and your website visited as a result of your ad. The figure is deducted by contrasting how many times your ad was clicked on versus how many times it was shown (impressions as above). So if your ad was shown twenty times but was only clicked on four times, your ads click through rate is 20% or one-fifth. By studying the click through rate of your various ads, you can see which ads are performing better than others. Think of this similar to A/B testing and cherry-pick the elements that worked well (such as the ad text or custom URL) to utilise in future ads.

Google AdWords is a vast online platform that can bring vast online success to your business. Knowing this, we have created this article for you and similar ones (click here to understand what clicks and conversions are). If you need any help at all with this and with driving sales to your business, do not hesitate to contact us here at Ireland Website Design for help. Our work drives sales to your business.

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