Do you use These 5 Essential Modern Business Tools?

Business as a whole is in a constant state of flux and forever changing and evolving. Here in 2016, there are arguably five tools which will stand the test of time.

As the act of doing business, making business and business as an industry is constantly rocked by new revelations and developments, there are five essential aspects which seem eternal. Here we list the five tools that you should be using today and can be sure that you will still be using in the future. Having these are essential to having a successful business in some way, shape or form.

This may seem obvious, but some smaller and local businesses still need to catch up and have a website to give them some form of online presence. Somebody looking to know when the local flower shop opens on weekends is going to look online for this information. Why would they risk getting into their car and wasting time only to drive to the shop and find that it is closed? A business website gives your company real estate online to connect with customers and potential customers alike, allowing them to interact with you and glean the information they need. It is essential.

Having a weekly or monthly e-newsletter is a great way to keep your subscribers abreast on how your business is working to help them by way of special offers and discounts etc. Newsletters also excel at making your subscribers think about your business when they might not have been otherwise. The arrival of your newsletter into their inbox reminds them of why they subscribed in the first place whether it be because they have an interest in your company/area or because they are a satisfied customer. This reminder may stimulate them to interact with your business.

Social Media
Like with newsletters above, updates to your social media channels work much the same in that they are platforms to connect with your followers and make them aware of anything that may be of interest to them. Social media is also a popular realm where competitions can be run i.e. share our picture and be in with a chance to win a €50 gift voucher.

A blog works on two main levels. Firstly, it is a sounding board where you can relay information and updates about your business, industry and any and all relevant news. As we know, blogs can take on a life of their own – some websites are solely blogs that can reach what is known as influencer status. Secondly, it is a great asset to your SEO efforts. Blog content built around specific topics, keywords and phrases assists with your standing online as Google knows to drive traffic to your website as it contains quality content in relation to X, Y and Z.


Offering your customers and potential customers alike something for free is a great public relations tool and in terms of potential customers, it makes a great first impression. The most common form this takes can be that of whitepapers or even an introductory voucher. This free content can be housed on your website or even be distributed through your newsletter.

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