How can my Blog Become an Industry Influencer?

With time, patience and quality content; your blog can be elevated to reach influencer status within your industry and business sphere.

What is an industry influencer?
A relatively new business term, an influencer refers to a person or business who is not only on the pulse of relevant trends, but can also dictate and set them. They are the entities to which the masses consult for up-to-date information and even to bear witness to the next big push within their sphere i.e. new developments and revelations which may apply to them. Influencers are sought after and appreciated due to these traits and they must maintain these to maintain their standards.

How does a blog come into play?
A blog itself can be the influencer simply via its content. However this content needs to be near constant and timely – at minimum a level of four posts of fresh content per week would be recommended (to stay up-to-date with current affairs). The blog content itself can vary but it should explore current happenings while also pointing to new and future ones. With the American Presidential election campaign underway, The Guardian springs to mind as an influencer and leader in this vein of news content. Not only does their website cover and opine on the current state of the campaign trail, it also offers unbiased opinion pieces and predictions for what is to come.

Can my blog become influential in my field?
Yes it can – once you are willing to put hard work and persistence into it. Your blog has to have reasoning for people to want to come and read it. This means drawing from various sources to produce informative and unbiased quality content for your readers to pore off. Think of how news articles and even educational works have various sources and references listed with them to verify what they are saying. Every website starts with zero visitors in the beginning, therefore investing in organic SEO, paid advertising and including sharing options with your content is vital.

How do I know when my blog has become an influencer?
There may be no ‘eureka’ moment for this. This is because it can take quite some time to build up a sizeable and regular following. Once you do (you can acknowledge this by measuring your visitor traffic with Google Analytics), your blog is the one that others in your industry will visit for news, inspiration and more in helping them with their endeavours.

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