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YouTube is one of the best channels companies can use to create and share video content with their customers on their websites. 

However, adding loud, distracting, intrusive video content to websites can often alarm visitors and it can even cause them to close the window and head elsewhere.

This not only causes you to lose a potential client, but it gives your competitors a chance to swipe them. 

Nobody likes to load up a website and have a video start playing out of nowhere. It’s one of the most annoying things on the internet, especially if you can’t find where to turn it off! 

Videos are a great way to communicate with your client. 69% of people prefer watching videos over reading text when learning about a product or service. So having video on your website is a huge advantage to your company. 

But how do you display videos on your website without irritating or annoying your visitors?

With a bit of know-how and some easy embedding, you’ll be able to stop potential bounces and keep the focus on your business and your brand.

Today we’re going to look at the best way to display YouTube videos on your website so you can keep visitors happier.

How to use YouTube videos on websites without ruining user experience

YouTube videos on websites are great for user experience, but only when implemented correctly. The main rule with implementing videos onto websites is to avoid automatic playing. 

If your video has to play automatically because your business focuses on video, you must have this video muted from the get-go.

The main reason for this is making a great first impression. A new visitor to your website won’t know what to expect when clicking on your site. If they’re greeted immediately by loud sounds playing without any warning, then they’re going to be in for a shock. 

Their first thoughts might be that they’re being bombarded by suspicious adverts on an extremely dodgy website. 

You don’t want their first impression of your brand to be a bad one, so don’t force any loud videos onto your users without warning. 

A worse outcome for this situation is that the sudden shock may cause your visitor to close the browser in a panic. It’s the quickest, easiest way to stop video playing. 

This results in a bounce from your page and your potential client might be so irritated by the loud sounds from your videos that they might decide to never go back to your website again. 

This means you’ve just lost a potential client. 

The main lesson here is to make sure your video content is visible, but let your visitors decide for themselves when they want to watch and hear it.

How to prevent competitors from appearing in recommended videos on your website

If you’ve ever watched a YouTube video all the way to the end, then you’ve probably been suggested related videos. As soon as a video ends, a list or grid appears with recommended/suggested videos for you to watch. 

These can also feature to the right-hand side on the video platform itself, but the recommended videos will appear at the end of the one playing when embedded on a website. 

These videos tend to be similar videos to yours, so they can easily be videos by your competitors as they trade in the same products or services that you do.

This is not ideal at all for your business. 

If you allow these suggested videos to appear on your website, then your potential clients will end up watching them too. They might even think they’re better. Your potential customers will skip off to your competitors and take a look at what they’re selling instead of staying with you. 

So how do you stop these recommended videos?

It’s simple. 

You can easily switch off this feature in YouTube by: 

  • Clicking on ‘Share’ under the video
  • Click ‘Embed’
  • Under the URL to be embedded, there should be an option to ‘Show More’.
  • Untick the box that states ‘Show Suggested Videos’. 

As soon as it’s unticked, the embed code will refresh, and the newly generated code won’t be contaminated with videos by your competition. 

All you have to do then is to paste the embed code into your website. 

If you’re struggling to embed YouTube videos onto your website, then our expert team is here to help.

At Ireland Website Design, our team of professional website developers can easily implement and optimise video content for your website. 

Let your business gain the maximum benefit from video marketing today. 

Our work will help you drive sales to your business and get you the recognition you deserve. 

Get in contact with our team right away to book in for a call.

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