How to Spot a Reputable Website Designer

With the abundance of website design agencies today, it is important to be able to identify the legitimate designers from the wannabees.

Because a website only requires a computer to be developed and designed, there are many who have a dedicated agency and fixed office/premises in the form of a website design agency/company in existence today. It is important they display the following traits to ascertain if they are a legitimate and professional designer or if they still have a way to go before being able to design and develop a business website worthy of 2016 standards.

Clients, Portfolio + Testimonials
The is the biggest trait that you should look out for on their website. How many websites have they already created and for which clients? Do not settle for just seeing a sprawling portfolio of past work, check to see if all of these are happy clients. This will require testimonials to be available to view to show former clients relaying their positive experiences from working with the website designer. If there an absence of any testimonials, you have to wonder why. This could be a sign that clients have had a bad experience with the website designer, otherwise they would surely offer a glowing testimonial by way of thanks.

Justified Pricing Structure
We have explored in our blog before how much does a website cost and it is suffice to say that there is no single answer for this because each project is different. Therefore prospective website designers should have price guidelines on their website but you should be wary of any flat fees that they advertise. If their website claims that they can make your website for €2,000 plus VAT, how does this take into account for your individual needs (for example you may need an online shop) and what parameters will they use to quote you anything outside the €2,000 threshold?

A Real Human with a Story
You want to make sure that you are dealing with a real person or team of people and not necessarily an anonymous remote worker(s) who you will never interact with. The web designer’s website should let you know who will be designing your website. What is their name? Are they qualified for the job? How can you contact them and get in touch at any stage during the project or afterwards? It is downright shady if their website omits contact details and at the very least a blurb about the person or persons behind the scenes. This echoes the earlier point re a lack of client testimonials – have they something to hide by saying nothing at all?

All bias aside, take Ireland Website Design as an example. We work with a transparent approach and let you view our portfolio, peruse feedback and testimonials from clients, meet our team and provide pricing structures. We do so because we are experts in our field and have nothing to hide. Get in touch with us today where we can either meet you in your offices or you can come to ours to discuss a plan to finally meet your online aims and goals through website design, branding and digital marketing.

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