Meet The Team

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Nick Butler

Digital Strategist, Co-Founder

Nick is the MD at Ireland Website Design and is responsible for business development and sales.

"I founded Ireland Website Design in 2011 after 10 years as a freelance website developer. Since 2001 I have advised a large number of businesses of different sizes and industries in online strategy. My skills lay in the technical areas of website development, online marketing and SEO. As Ireland Website Design has grown to become a serious player in the website design industry in Ireland I have focused my attention on the sales & business development side of my business."

Nick will work in a consultant role on your project.

Abbygail Wood

Marketing & Content Strategist, Co-Founder

Abbygail is a co-founder of Ireland Website Design and specialises in content creation, online marketing and SEO.

"I am co-founder of Ireland Website Design and my specialty is content writing and SEO. I found my passion for writing website content while working with some of the early freelance clients with Nick, previous to setting up Ireland Website Design. I have written content for over 400 clients ranging from blog posts to adverts, promotional material to entire website rewrites."

Abbygail will work on the content creation, SEO work and online marketing of your project.

Stephen Kirby

Head of Creative

Stephen is your project manager. His strengths include project management, customer relations and support. Stephen has spent much of his time working with Nick to develop innovative processes in website production.

"In my time at Ireland Website Design I have overseen the on-time and on-budget delivery of many projects including large scale sites from both private, NGO and government sectors such as the: Road Safety Authorities rebuild of the NDLS website, Enterprise Ireland’s build of and the rebrand and rebuild of AE Globals website"

Stephen is responsible for managing our team and making sure your project is kept on track. He will also do most of the communicating with you and will ensure your website looks good.

Francisco Gil Merino

Head of App Development

Francisco Gil Merino is your full stack web developer.

"I joined Ireland Website Design in March 2014 and I have worked as the lead developer on many website projects since. I am passionate about web development and I have always built websites from a young age. In the past I have built websites for family and friends with businesses. I love taking on the most challenging jobs and get a real sense of achievement when they are complete. I am originally from Plasencia, Spain but moved to Ireland in 2013 to live with my Irish partner"

Francisco will be working on the implementation of the design and development of your website.

Evan O'Donoghue

Head of Web Development

Evan O'Donoghue is your front end website developer.

"At Ireland Website Design I am a website developer, I like to code and I love to solve problems. I have a really good working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I am passionate about front-end & back-end development and really enjoy working with our graphics designer to turn a design into a reality."

Evan will be working on the implementation of the design and development of your website.

Lee L.

Head of User Testing

Lee is a content writer and blogger.

"I write engaging content for Ireland Website Design's clients, connecting them with their customers long-term. I have extensive experience in effective blogging within many different industry sectors."

Lee will be working on your blogging projects.

Liam Power

Full Stack Web Developer

Liam is versed in front-end and back-end website development.

"I am a full-stack web developer here at Ireland Website Design, which means I spend time working on the visual appearance of a website as well as the underlying functionality. I do enjoy working with HTML & CSS but I am really in my element while writing secure PHP code."

Liam will be working on the implementation of the design and development of your website.

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