Back to Basics - What Your Website Really Needs

Advancements, developments and updates can be great; but they can also detract from the core role of a website. Here we go back to the basics.

Some of the more recent technological advancements such as virtual reality (VR) websites are definitely a niche category that would not apply to all businesses. Yet we will surely see some adopt VR elements into their website design even though there is no need for it. For example, does an ice-cream parlour really need to show those who visit their website a VR view of its ten-seater parlour and ice-cream counter? Some will argue that adopting these new advancements (regardless of the effectiveness) shows that yours is a current business that is in keeping with the latest trends. But in reality, your website only needs the following things.

Contact Information
It is imperative that those who visit your website can make contact with you to facilitate customer interaction. Even if your website is an online shop and does not rely on customers contacting you to make a conversion; they still need to be able to reach you in the event that the item they ordered is incorrect or damaged etc. Contact information also shows that your business has nothing to hide as you list an address, telephone number and e-mail address and can therefore be reached if the customer needs anything at all.

Company Information
‘About Us’ and ‘Team’ pages show those who visit your website who you are as a company and what you are about as a business. People can feel more comfortable with and trustworthy of your business if they get a clear and genuine idea of you values – hence why vision and mission statements are often found on business websites. As you know, there are ways to write an ‘About Us’ page that drives sales to your business and is not simply a page of explanatory text.

Opening Hours
The opening hours of your business should be visible as people may simply be checking if you are open on a certain time and date. This caters to those last minute customers and also to those who are planning a trip to your business or who plan to shop or dine etc. at a later date.

Here at Ireland Website Design, we take the necessary steps to research your industry and create your ideal business website as filtered through your ideals. We can of course go beyond the basic and create any website of your choosing. But regardless of the spec, each and every website we made drives sales to businesses no matter the industry.

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