An About Page That Drives Sales

While most websites have an ‘About’ or ‘About Us’ page, these can be redundant if not written correctly. Let’s be realistic, if your company is a flower shop, it can already be guessed as to how your ‘About Us’ page will read: “We sell the finest quality flower arrangements in beautiful designs . . .”

However it can be argued that this is not effective, but rather self-explanatory. Your website exists to bring you sales and customers. Follow these simple steps to remake a redundant ‘About’ page turn into a worthy sales page on your website. 

Use text to talk about what you can do for your customers – not to just talk about yourself:
The headline is the first piece of text that people will see on this page. It should encapsulate your ‘About’ page and be written in bold for greater effect. Keeping with the flower shop, try something like this “Flowers and arrangements that arrive on time and on budget to punctuate your memories and special events – timely, affordable and amazing.” With the body of text that follows your grabbing headline, construct text again from the client’s perspective further explaining what you do. What would a client prefer to hear – that your company was established in 2006 or that your company can cater to their budget and timeframe and has won customer service awards to this effect? This may be your ‘About’ page, but your website is all about driving and making sales. Will biographical text necessarily achieve this? You are not just a flower shop that supplies flowers to clients that request them, you are a company who makes the best flower arrangements consistently to deadline and to various budgets to obtain and retain clients and awards.

Add the human touch with testimonials and incentives:
Before we part with money for anything, we like to know as much as we can about what we are about to pay for. One of the best ways to do this on your website is to include comments and testimonials from previous clients that attest to what your ‘About’ page alludes to. If you place an emphasis on getting flower arrangements delivered on time, include a testimonial to back this up and solidify your statement “ . . . my flowers were delivered on time as planned . . .” By punctuating your text with client quotes, you strike the perfect balance between what you want to say and what is being said about you. Now that you have potential clients hooked as such, draw them in with an incentive. A common and effective method here is to ask them to sign up to your newsletter/mailing list and upon doing so, offer them a discount or free delivery on their first order. This is a win-win situation for yourself and your potential client – you have their details on your mailing list (and thus have gauged their interest in your services) and they have an incentive to place their first order after perusing your website.

This blog shows you to alter your perspective and approach when using text and content on your website to focus on what your website is meant to do; that is to make your business money. At Ireland Website Design, we recommend to invest in the expertise of our copywriting team to give your website that competitive sales edge through the targeted text that is used. When getting a website designed, your purpose here is to invest in this new website and to ensure that it makes you sales and brings you customers time and time again.

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