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The Best Images to use for your Online Shop

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Images are a vital component to online shops looking to sell products. Consider these tips to draw and engage potential customers to your online shop.

Zooming and 360° Views

The ability to zoom into an image allows a user to examine something in closer detail. In this sense, they may wish to inspect the finer details of the products construction/design or to look at a particular part of the product to see how visible the logo is etc.

Giving users the option to zoom also means that you are not hiding any aesthetic elements of the product that you are selling. Zooming affords you a level of transparency whereby you are putting power into the hands of those who visit your online store.

Like with the zoom option above, some products benefit further from having a full 360° view. Think of the likes of furniture or clothing, people will want to see as much detail as possible to help them make that purchase. If they buy a jumper from your online store only to find out that there is a different design on the back of the jumper (which was not made apparent with the images on your online shop); you will be met with an unhappy customer who will not engage in repeat spend with your business.

Images that display on mobile devices

Don’t forget users who will access your online shop from a mobile device – they need to see your product images properly also. Make sure that for your mobile store that images are sized to display on mobile correctly and that they are compressed/optimised to not impact loading times. Some features such as the aforementioned zooming and 360° views are possible but can be tricky on some mobile devices, so be sure to include multiple images from different angles to compensate.

Have more than one image per product

Especially true for mobile users where zooming and viewing a 360° view can be tricky; having more than one image listed for each product is a plus. This is because multiple images can show every facet of a product and it can also show the product in a variety of situations and scenarios where applicable i.e. being held in one hand, being used underwater etc. Seeing is believing that images convey the possibilities of the product to potential buyers.

Show the product in use and with your customers

A clever idea is to get your customers to send you images of themselves using or wearing etc. your products. You should then upload these to your online shop as part of the multitude of images that are showcased for a product. In this way, potential buyers not only see the product in use, they also see that it has been bought before and has proved to be satisfactory for multiple people. While we have said that beautiful high-quality images are the way to go on your online shop, these customer images illustrate the product in real-time and show them in real-life settings, unfiltered.

High Quality, Beautiful Images

When walking by a bakery, the scent of freshly made cakes and bread can literally draw you into the bakery and make you want to buy something. The equivalent of this online is high quality and beautiful images – a visual treat. It is definitely worthwhile in investing in a photographer or photography for clear, high-resolution images. Certain products such as wallpaper patterns or intricate details such as sunglasses really benefit from being displayed in a high-quality image.

Show what it can do

Alongside your images; don’t neglect to explain what the product can do. A picture may say a thousand words, but beautiful buzz words don’t explain what a product necessarily does. Be sure that your product images are buttressed by text (perhaps in a lightbox) that corresponds to the images to help explain what people are seeing. While this may not apply to all products, it should be remembered and implemented for products that require some explanation i.e. gym equipment.

Show its features

Instead of simply showing the product externally; be sure to include images of its features. If a coat features pockets on the side to hold an iPad for example, it makes sense to have an image of this feature apart from just descriptive text. Illustrating the features in this way highlights to potential buyers that the products are functional and can serve the needs that they have searched for an answer for in arriving to your online shop.

Include sharing options

Lastly, remember that your online shop is a business at the end of the day. The content (images) that you have now perfected should have sharing options so that friends, families and colleagues can highlight their finds and show their social circles what they have just purchased or would like to purchase. With this, you increase the visibility, reach and potential interaction with your online store via multiple platforms.

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