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How to Write a Services Page to Sell your Services

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Many websites simply list their services on their services page. However, those who do this are missing a key opportunity to sway potential customers to make a purchase with a little bit of clever text.

It is of course important to list what services your business offers, but it really does not suffice to leave this simply in a list format. By adding some descriptive and magnetic text around your services, you create and then take the opportunity to have them explore and understand the services on offer that bit more. With this, you can really help potential customers to make up their minds and press ahead to contact your business and make that sale. Consider these three tips to write a services page to sell your services:

1. Begin with a guarantee

For those who may be hesitant or not sure that what you are offering is for them, an offer of a guarantee shows them from the get-go that whatever the outcome, they have protection. Perhaps you are selling golf clubs online and are faced with a potential customer who had a bad experience when purchasing golf clubs online elsewhere.

If you offer a money-back or free replacement guarantee with all orders placed on your online shop; this can be the difference between seeing a sale or a bounce made on your website. This type of guarantee is usually specified in most website terms and conditions anyway, but as many websites do not mention a guarantee on their services page, adding this text both differentiates you from your competitions while also highlighting a layer of security for your customers. A win-win situation for all.

2. Expand on the outcome

When you think about it in detail, simply listing your services is quite a cold and clinical approach to take when addressing potential customers. Consider expanding on this and bringing the outcome of these services into play. For example instead of just listing ‘massage’, explain that your business offers massage and that the outcome of this is that the client will feel refreshed and relaxed. Let’s look at the potential before and after here:


Miriam’s Spa Services

  • Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Waxing


Miriam’s Spa Services

Aches, pains and tightness? Feel refreshed, relaxed and revitalised after a massage at Miriam’s Spa.

With just this simple line of text, a potential spa customer can know what to expect and look forward to in terms of the outcome of the massage. These true and positive connotations can be all it takes at this stage of their website browsing to have a potential customer turn into a booked and paying customer.

3. Explain the processes of your services

In most of these services lists, each service listed may be built as a link to bring the website user to a dedicated webpage to further explain the service. This is all well and good, but one should really add to this description by also elaborating on the process of this service. Instead of simply saying and explaining what the service is, paint an accurate picture of what someone who avails of these services should come to expect.

Here is a great place to add in buzz words to appeal to potential customers and make them convince themselves that they should avail of this service. Consider the following two sentences in that what you would find more appealing and likely to part with your money for:

Example 1 – (descriptive text only)

The photographer will photograph your family standing or sitting together and once this is done and you have picked the photograph that you are happy with, editing in post-production will happen to enhance the overall photo to modern standards.

Example 2 – (descriptive text with process added)

The professional photographer will arrange your family in standing (and/or seated) composition so that people’s heights are taken into account to give each person an equal amount of presence in the portrait. Once you are happy with the photograph that was taken, you pick the copy or copies that you want to be enhanced in post-production. This editing will involve balancing light and shadow within the picture to get the best results visually, removing any ‘red-eye’ effects and will also take into account any aesthetic requests you may have such as reducing bags under eyes etc.

Your website is your own piece of real estate in the online world. Make the most of each and every page, such as your services page, to ensure that each page drives sales to your business. At Ireland Website Design, our expert team of responsive website developers, designers and text and copywriters work alongside you to reach your website goals. Contact us with any queries that you may have in relation to getting a website built, refreshed or redesigned.

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