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How Can a Digital Agency Help my Business

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Consider the skills of a digital agency to complement your current sales and marketing initiatives and to help drive sales to your business.

In the digital business era that we live in today, an online sales and marketing strategy can be essential in driving and sustaining sales to your business. Yet with the influx of data that digital business tools such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords can provide, coupled with the ever-evolving trends and innovations in cyberspace and social media etc.; you could devote an entire branch of your business to simply collecting, collating and analysing your online data as well as staying on the pulse of trends.

With the robust scope and dedicated time that this takes to complete accurately, many smaller and medium-sized companies are seeking the help of an external digital agency for reliability and skilled peace of mind. Here is how a digital agency can help your business:

Collection, Collating and Analysing of Business Data and Online Activity

While you may have a handle and understanding of the influx of data that comes to you through your tracking and monitoring software such as Google Analytics, the compilation and analysing of this is tedious and infinite.

With the services of a digital marketing agency, you can set the parameters of how you want your data collected and dissected (for example you may want a monthly report on the amount of hits to your website and top three entry points/pages that brought these hits).

With this, you can dedicate your time and effort elsewhere within your company knowing that your online data is being looked after exactly how you envision it by a team of digital marketing experts. Another useful facet is that you can contact the agency and say that you need a specific report ready and sent to you before an upcoming meeting.

Continued Monitoring, Insights and Implementations of this Data

A digital marketing agency can do more than just collect your data and turn it into nice looking graphs and tables, the experts can read this data to record trends, monitor spikes/dips in traffic/clicks and also make suggestions on when best to implement new approaches and ideas.

Data is a powerful commodity and when placed in the right hands you gain access to tried and tested channels to target your customers. When you begin working with a digital agency for your business, you can discuss exactly what you want from your data and design a plan for what you want it to achieve.

Digital Content Repositioning and Optimisation

Working with online digital marketing content on a daily basis means that the experts at digital marketing agencies have a keen eye for content and an intuition for knowing what works well when placed where. For example, if you run an advertisement aimed at the grey market but run it solely through your social media channels, you are not reaching a sizeable chunk of the market who do not use social media.

A digital agency can advise you on what type of content works well online and where inappropriate content would work better. In this instance, an advertisement targeting the grey market would probably function better via a traditional marketing channel such as print media. In tandem with this, their proficiency with your business data means that they can advise on when and where it is best to launch your new online and digital ads as backed up by click-through rates and mailer openings etc.

Creative and Reflexive Internal Company Integration

Rather than being a threat to your existing sales and marketing team, the role of a digital agency is designed to be complementary and to segue with your staff force.

Digital agencies offer an expert service that can be tailored to your specific needs so while it is an often times exhaustive and time consuming process, in the long run it may take the form of a part-time or flexible role that would not require a permanent staff member on your roster.

If you look at a digital agency as a source, your business can use it as a resource and pull from it when they need detailed reports, numeric figures, insights and recommendations as and when they need them. Let the digital agency bear the brunt of the nitty gritty to integrate into your company by letting your workers continue as a well-oiled machine. 

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