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How To Quickly Analyse The SEO Of Your Site

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It was only a few years ago that analyzing the SEO of a website was strictly reserved for well-seasoned professionals. Now, there are a variety of different online tools and companies that are on hand to provide in-depth analysis. Considering that SEO optimizing has become a key part of the majority of websites and blogs, the variety of tools available is certainly music to the ears of website moderators.

There are however some very simple online tools that allow website owners to quickly analyze the SEO optimization of their site without having to shell out lots of money while saving lots of time as well.

Google Adwords

When it comes to SEO analysis, Adwords is often considered the holy grail. Not only can it give you a good idea about the amount of traffic your website is generating, but it also allows you to find out what the hot topics are when it comes to the people using the Google search engine. In other words, you can check ahead with Adwords before you post your content so you can see which keywords are more likely to generate hits.

Obviously, this tool will only allow you to see when you are generating good hits from Google searches, but that really is the holy grail. Very few people use other search engines these days, so making sure that you are well optimized on Google is pretty much the only thing you need. For that reason alone, using Adwords is something that all websites looking to generate more traffic should be using.


While WooRank is not always free to use, it does have quite a few valuable tools that can make the whole process of SEO optimizing a lot clearer. WooRank is able to provide one free website analysis a week and only charges you if you need to analyze your site on a more regular basis.

The major selling point with WooRank is that it is able to provide you with a highly detailed report within minutes of giving them your website details. When the results come in, you are also provided with a list of five priorities that you need to address in order to improve your site’s SEO. This is a great feature that stops you from wasting your time with something you think is worthwhile when it actually isn’t. It quite often provides you with a priority that you may not have thought of previously.

The report it provides you with also breaks down the audience for you, so then you can see what kind of demographic enjoys visiting your site often. It also gives you an idea of how your website looks on mobile devices and if there is anything you can do in order to improve that. What makes this tool so worthwhile is that it is perfect for both beginners and experts. It breaks down every detail about the SEO optimization of your website so then you can address every issue individually. Even though you have to pay to use the service if you want to analyze your site more than once a week, it is still very worthwhile, even if you have to analyze your site just once a week.


SiteTrail is another free service but provides something a little different from WooRank. This particular tool is able to provide analysis very quickly, but it also has the ability to break down the amount of hits you get based on what country they came from. This then gives you a clear indication of where the majority of your audience is coming from.

This is an excellent free tool, particularly if you are looking to expand your audience worldwide. Who knows, when you analyze your site you may find that you already have a bit of an international audience already. In which case, SiteTrail will give you all the details you need in order to keep those visitors coming on a regular basis.

While WooRank could be used by both beginners and experts, SiteTrail is probably something that is reserved for people who have a little more experience with running a website. Not strictly because the information the tool provides is difficult to understand, but because it names priorities that should be reserved for people who are looking to take the next step with their SEO analysis. A wonderful free tool nonetheless for anyone who is looking to expand their audience to other countries.

Traffic Travis

This differs from the other SEO analysis tools we have seen so far in that it operates as a desktop application. After it is installed, you can then run an analysis on specific pages so then you can get all the information you need about how well optimized it is.

While Traffic Travis doesn’t offer you the ability to analyze the entire website, it does give you the chance to address any issues you have on specific pages. It is also very useful if you have just posted something new and you want to see how well the SEO optimizing on the page has worked. It also goes through each specific element of the page, so for example it can give you a clear indication of how well the keywords and tags have worked.

While Traffic Travis is a very useful tool, it really should be used as an accompaniment to another tool that is able to provide you with details for your website as a whole. Traffic Travis is still very helpful though at giving you all the information you need about a specific page. If you use it for every new post you have on your website, then eventually you will start adopting good SEO techniques as a force of habit.


DIYSEO has a great free SEO report card tool that breaks down everything you need to know about your website in one handy report card. It even gives you a grade so then you can see how well your site is doing overall.

The fact that the report card gives you a grade is probably the most appealing feature of this tool. When you get the grade, you can see quite clearly how well your site is doing and if there need to be any improvements. It also helps in giving you an idea of how well respected your website is, and if it has a good reputation among the people who visit it. This is quite a useful little extra feature that you don’t often find with other sites.

While this is a useful tool, it doesn’t really offer as many features as things like WooRank. It is however something worth considering for people who are beginners to SEO optimizing, as the details it provides are quite simple and easy to follow.

Ultimately, all of these tools are worth as least testing to see if they are right for use with your site. You may even find that you want to use several of them in order to keep all of the bases covered. In any case, all of these sites are able to provide you with a very quick analysis without having to spend ridiculous amounts of money.

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