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10 Simple Ways To Increase Online Sales

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There truly never is a time when it’s not a good idea to try and boost your online sales. Even if your sales are through the roof, there are always things that you can try in order to make them even better.

Here we will look at 10 simple things that you can do in order to increase your online sales. Not all of them will necessarily work, so it’s best to try them and see if they work for you.

Only Have One Product On Your Home Page

If you find that not that many people are buying some of the products you have available on your home page, it could be that there are too many choices being made available. Your audience could be visiting your site and finding the wide range of choices too much to handle, making a simple task something a lot more daunting. To try and focus your visitors a little, try having just one product available on your home page. You may find that your sales for that particular product go sky-high when visitors are able to navigate through your site without finding it too complicated.

Move Your Subscription Buttons And Links

Having a big list of email addresses to send subscriber emails to is very beneficial. However, if you have the buttons and links in the same place you may find that the number of subscribers you have slowing down. Try placing the links at the top-left of your homepage where they will get the most attention. There is no guarantee that this will work as well, so try moving it around to see where it gets the most attention. It all depends on how long your home page is and how often you prompt people to subscribe.

Take A Different Approach To Headlines

Headlines are a very important part of your content. It is the very first thing people see when they are reading your content, so it’s vital that it strikes the right tone. Try writing your new headlines in different styles to see which ones have the best impact. Have one that’s phrased like a question and another that claims to be a ”definitive guide.” Eventually, you will find a style of headline that suits you and the taste of your target audience.

Build Credibility With Testimonials

There are few things quite as valuable to a website as high credibility among visitors. If you want your site to be considered a credible source, then you need to showcase how you have helped people in the past. Using testimonials from customers is a great way to achieve that. Start asking people to provide feedback whenever they purchase something from you and tell them that you’ll use it on your site.

Your Site Is For Visitors, Not Yourself

This is a mistake that is often made by people running their own websites. They write copy that is completely focused on themselves without addressing what the visitor wants or is looking for. Make sure you read through all of your content to make sure that you’re not always talking about yourself. You should only be talking about yourself when you are referring to what you can offer your visitors. Just make sure that you talk about what they need first.

Tell Visitors They Need To Buy Now

The thing that is missing from quite a lot of sales copy is the sense of urgency. The whole point of a call to action is to motivate the visitor and make them think that they need to buy whatever you are offering immediately. Try using sales or promotional offers in order to convince people that they must buy what you are offering now or they will lose out on a great deal. If you can do that, then you increase the chances of a visitor buying straight away instead of waiting until later.

Don’t Mention Buying In The Top Half Of The Page

There is a chance that potential customers are feeling a little put off from the idea of buying from you mainly because they feel like you are being too pushy. Mentioning the actual act of purchasing from you is something that should be saved until the last few paragraphs of the call to action. The majority of your content should be designed to lure the reader in, so mentioning buying make not have the ideal effect. Try removing it from the top half of the page and see if that is followed by more leads.

Add Images To Make Products More Appealing

The majority of people will not be interested in buying something when they haven’t seen it. Having an image of the product is extremely beneficial as it gives visitors a very clear idea of what you are offering them. Not only that, but having images on your web pages also increases their search engine ranking, so try and have images as often as possible.

Grab Attention By Changing The Formatting Of Your Content

Many people only scan websites when they are reading the content, so you might need to start drawing those visitors in a little more. In order to do that, try adding headings and sub-headings in bold and other important information in italics. If you can, try and get all the really good points of your copy formatted so then scanners are not missing out on anything important.

Make Sure You Always Follow-Up With Customers

Keeping in close contact with current customers gives you the chance to try and convince them to come back to you again in the future. Try and use an automated response email so then you can get in touch with them when they have purchased from you. Try and encourage them to talk to you through social media channels. If you can stay in contact with them on a friendly basis, then they will be more inclined to come back to you in the future.

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