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How To Make Your Blog Grow

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Like most websites, blogs are effectively made popular by how high they rank in Google search engine results. If you are running a blog then you will know that a brief period of high popularity for your site can be followed by an all-time low very quickly. This is why it is important to keep your blog growing so then it is able to improve every month without experiencing any drops in visitor numbers.

Here we will take a look at some of the things you can do in order to help your blog grow, and how you can get yourself out of a hole if you are struggling to find regular visitors.

Collect Email Addresses From Visitors

The key aspect of getting hold of a high number of visitors is to make sure that people who take a look at your site for the first time feel compelled to visit you again. You could just rely on them wanting to come back and take a look for themselves, but that’s something that you can not always rely on. If you want to keep people coming back for more, then you need to be adding them to your email mailing list.

By adding them to your mailing list, you will be able to get in touch with them in order to encourage them to come back to your site and check out all of your latest content. A large number of sites take this opportunity to create newsletters that basically summarise all the great things about the recent content so then readers are tempted to head to your site and find out more.

When you are collecting email addresses, make sure that people know that you are signing them up to your own personal mailing list first. If you don’t do that, then you could find yourself sending emails to people who have no interest in what you’re saying. Your newsletters will then end up marked as spam and your time will have been wasted. Always make sure that your visitor wants to be on a mailing list first before you sign them up.

Build A Community Of Followers

When people are visiting your blog they are looking for something they may not get from other sites. In most cases, what people are looking for is something a little more personal that they can get involved with. You should encourage your visitors to communicate with you and get involved in a conversation with other visitors as often as possible. Then your blog will not just be a website, but a community where people share their thoughts and feelings.

If you want people to start commenting on your content, then all you have to do is ask them to do so. At the end of your content, ask people to get in touch with questions or to respond to what you talked about. Once you start getting responses, make sure that you reply to everyone. Getting comments will have no effect until you start replying to people. This way visitors to your site will know that you care what they think, and thus they will be more inclined to visit your site more and engage in conversation with you.

Use Social Media To Its Fullest

Out of all of the recent technological advances, the rise of social media websites has proven to be a massive game-changer for people running websites and blogs. Now, having a presence on social media is the only way you can really be a success, and it all comes down to communication again. When you are on sites like Facebook and Twitter, your visitors will have convenient outlets in order to get in touch with you and start a conversation. This means that you don’t just have to have requests for comments at the conclusion of your content in order to get people’s attention.

The best thing to do to start with starts with a presence on the two social media platforms you think will have the most benefit. Most people choose Facebook and Twitter at this stage, but you should feel free to pick whichever outlets you think have the biggest chance of improving the amount of visitors to your site. When you start building followers, start talking to them. Ask them questions and then respond to them when they reply. Answer any queries that they have. Encourage them to get in touch with you more often. Then once you’ve done this, start sharing links to your new content for your followers to see.

Overall, in order to make a blog grow it needs to have a community feel. While blogs can have many more visitors than professional websites, blogs will always be considered a smaller online outlet where people go in order to be part of a community. In order to create a community, you need to make everyone who visits your site feel more involved. Encourage them to get in touch with you, and then reply to them whenever they send you a message or post a comment. People will always be interested in what you have to say when you demonstrate that you are able to do the same for them.

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