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How To Increase PopUp Conversions

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While you may want to increase the amount of conversions you generate with your popup campaign, it is easier said than done. Many people find popups to be annoying, to such an extent that it drives them away from sites.

Luckily there is a way to turn this around. If you find that your email popup campaign is not quite working, you can implement some changes to fix that. Here we will look at the changes you can make to your popup campaign to increase conversions.

Match The Colour Scheme Of Your Site

While it is tempting to make your popup a loud colour so then it attracts the visitor’s attention, it is not a good idea. Using colours that don’t fit with your website will make visitors think that what they’re seeing doesn’t belong. They might even assume that the popup has come from another source other than your site.

If your popup matches the colour scheme of your site, it will look much more natural and at home. People will know that the popup has come from you directly and will give it a little more attention.

Create A Menu-Based Display

The last thing that people want when they are browsing your website is to be coming across a different popup on every page. Nothing will increase your bounce rate quite like this. Visitors will just assume that you are attempting to spam them with your site and will leave pretty quickly.

Fortunately, there is a way to have all of the popups you want in one single advertisement. Many popup design tools include the option of creating a menu-based system. This means that if people are interested in the content of your popup, they are able to browse through it at their own convenience. This will create the impression that you have something that you want to share with them, rather than something you want to force on them. It’s a great way of getting rid of all of those popups on every page and it can really help increase conversions.

Create An Exit PopUp

An exit popup is used when people are leaving a site and one last attempt is made to grab their attention. Generally, when people are leaving a website it is because they are bored or have not received all the information they were looking for. When that is the case, you can use a popup as a last-ditch attempt to convey important information or to just grab their interest.

If you have a good design for the popup and it is well targeted, then it can have a really positive effect. You could start winning over some of those potential customers that were leaving the site in no time. Just remember that all it takes is for a few of the people who saw the popup to become clients and the popup will have been a success, so it is an option well worth exploring.

Create Click To Display Options

When your popup appears on the screen, you want it to be targeted. You don’t want it to display a random aspect of your business that the visitor may have no interest in. This will simply irritate them and will lead them to leave the site. What you really want are popups that are able to tell when they have found a potential client that is interested in a very specific area of your business.

When you create popups that are designed to display after clicking, your popups will only appear when a visitor clicks on a certain link on your site. For example, if you have a popup saying that you have bathroom fixtures on half price, you can have the ad appearing when people click on a link to your bathroom fixtures page, or even to a related page. It’s a great way to increase the chances of your popups creating conversions, rather than just annoying people.

Create Navigation Trigger

While you can set up your popups so then they appear when people click on certain links, you can also set them up so then they are triggered when people click on a link on the navigation bar at the top of the page. For example, if you wanted to create more social media interactions, you could have a popup containing social media buttons when people click to go to a particular area of your site.

This work very much the same way click to display works, but this gives you a little more freedom to try and win people over when they are browsing from one page to the other.

Take Control Of PopUp Timing

Nothing is worse than a popup that decides to appear right when you are in the middle of reading content or a blog post. When people are suddenly distracted even though they are focused on your site, nothing can be more irritating. Whenever you create popups, it is always best that you consider the timing of their appearance. You could have it appear as soon as the page loads or when a visitor is leaving. It’s best to think about the purpose of your popup and how effective you think it will be at different times.


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