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10 Free Ways to Promote Your Website Online

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Promoting your website online is super easy and today more than ever businesses are looking to save money. Stop wasting your money on expensive online marketing campaigns when it’s super easy to do most of your online promotion by yourself for free. At Ireland Website Design we use a lot of these practices to help our own website and our customer’s websites. It’s not that difficult and we often teach our clients these methods.

If you are interested in Ireland Website Design doing some of your online marketing for you then why don’t you drop us a line today and chat for free.

1. Free Press Release Websites

Have you launched a brand new website or re-branded an old website? Then press release websites will be interested in here from you. Basically, you create an account and log in, create a press release and announce your new website. Give a description about what your website is about, who built it, what it’s built on, why you created it or re-branded, where your website is based and a little about the people who own it. The best part about using a press release website is if your press release is interesting enough other press release websites will also copy your release and post it on their website. 1 good press release can get you anywhere to 100 backlinks from all over the Internet.

Some of my favorite PR websites that I frequent from time to time and recommend you use too are:

These websites are all free and there are loads more out there, a quick Google will find you 50 Free Press Release Websites.

2. Article Directory Websites

Article directory websites are a great free way to get good quality backlinks to your website and are probably one of the best weapons in your ongoing SEO campaign. Did I mention you can even make money from using these websites? How they work is simple, they are websites with lots and lots of content so Google loves them, chances are when you have used Google looking for information in the past you landed on one of these websites, they had information you wanted and lots of advertising, well how it works is simple you write a really good article for them on any topic you choose, they publish the article on their website and put advertisements on the page, they make money from these adverts but give you a percentage of every click. To thank you they allow you to promote and add 1 link to your website in return. Some of my favorite sites include:

Here is a list of the top 50 Article Directory Websites.

3. Classified Adverts

Every time you sell something online make sure you add a link back to your website. These websites are also a great way to advertise if you provide a service, I often see bouncy castle rental companies and handymen offering their services through these websites. Some of the classified websites I have used in the past include:

4. Forums

Forums are a brilliant way to chat with others, keep up with local gossip, solve problems, find out what’s going on, and debate issues with others. It’s also a great way to promote your business or website. Many sites do not allow you to blatantly push your website but if you are a regular enough contributor to the forums and help others the occasional link back to your website may be overlooked. You are also totally fine to add a link to your website in the signature of your post. This is a great way to repetitively link back to your website naturally and often. To find a forum that suits your interest do a Google search. In Ireland, I like your www.boards.ie a forum with lots of sub-forums and a huge community.

5. Business Directories

Some people would lead you to believe that business directories are useless and we can tell you for sure there is still a benefit in using them, in fact, many of the search engines online today regularly check these databases and add new listings to their own engines and other search engines such as Yahoo are really just a directory. Many of the directories charge for inclusion but also offer a free version. We recommend adding yourself to as many free directories as possible. Some of the most popular include:

6. Social Media

Get yourself out there, everyone is using social media now and it’s such a great way to gain free exposure. Running competitions to offer a free prize to people who like your Facebook page will get you lots of followers immediately. Everyone is jumping on social media and they are right too. It opens a direct line of communication with your potential customers. We like:

7. Portfolio Websites

There are many websites out there that will allow you to post your work online for others to view. This is especially popular in web design, graphics design, architecture, artists. Just Google and find the site for you.

8. Email Marketing

Get yourself a newsletter system and allow your customers to sign up directly on your website, when you meet customers anywhere be it online or in-person always ask to put them on your email list. This way you can repeat advertise to these customers every time a new product or service is launched. If you would like us to set up an email newsletter system for you and integrate it on your website let us know. We offer a professional service with prices to suit every budget. If you are looking to do this by yourself for free then you could look at Mailchimp a free newsletter system.

9. Videos

If your business can create videos then get uploading them to popular websites like youtube and make sure to add a link back to your own website from there. You can also use the same video and post it on multiple websites. We recommend youtube but also Vimeo, but a quick google will find you 100s more websites.

10. Blogging

The reason we wrote this blog was to give our customers something to read but to also get new people and traffic on our website. If you found this article when Googling then you can see the power of a blog. This is a blog and you can create your own on your website. When someone is searching for something you’re talking about they find your website. It’s also a great way to have good, clean, new content on the internet. As Google believes “Content is King”

We hope this article will help you promote your website. If you would like us to do it for you then drop us an email or give us a call. Thanks for reading.

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