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Autoaddress is an Irish company that provides address solutions to help businesses make their operations more efficient. They offer a comprehensive range of products and services, from Eircode address lookup and postcode search services, to address validation and postcode mapping. With their Eircode address solutions, businesses can quickly and accurately locate customers and save time and money in the process. Furthermore, they provide a secure platform for businesses to store and manage data, ensuring data accuracy and integrity. With Autoaddress, businesses can make sure that their customers are receiving the right services at the right time.
Studio Task

The Task

The website should be modern, user-friendly and  visually appealing. The design should be clear, concise and easy to navigate. We should also include engaging visuals such as photos and videos of our services, products and treatments. We should also have an online chat feature where customers can ask skin care-related questions and receive personalized advice. This will help build trust with potential customers and create a  more engaging experience. We should also have a section that outlines our mission and values and why customers should choose us. This will help visitors understand our commitment to providing the best products. Overall, our website should provide customers with an informative and enjoyable experience that encourages them to explore our services and products. We should strive to ensure that our website is well-organized, easy-to-use and engaging.

Increase In conversion rates

Website Traffic

Increase in online sales

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Increase In repeat customers

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Our Solutions

Before getting to work on their new website build and online campaigns, we wanted to work out exactly what they needed to maximise their conversion rates and get more repeat customers. We performed an audit of their website, analysed their target market, and evaluated their competitors to pinpoint areas for improvement.

After we had taken care of some technical errors to improve their loading speed, we got to work on our preliminary designs. These designs revealed a fresh, modern look for the site and plenty of features to boost sales. By adding a ‘complete the look’ section, product videos, product suggestions, and an Instagram feed, their website became much more conversion-focused.

It wasn’t just a modernised website they needed to accomplish their objectives. We also crafted multi-channel campaigns to send a large volume of quality traffic to their new website and encourage repeat buys. With enhanced eCommerce tracking installed, we were able to show Foy & Company the great results month-on-month and retarget past customers.

A combination of creative email marketing campaigns, precisely-targeted Facebook and Instagram ads, and attention-grabbing Google Ads all worked in harmony to increase Foy & Company’s sales. We also carried out thorough onsite SEO work to ensure they’d show up on page one of Google for relevant searches.

What We Delivered

  • Business Analysis and Strategy
  • Brand Refresh
  • eCommerce Website Development
  • Local and Onsite SEO
  • Brand Identity Guidelines
  • Website Management Training
  • Content Writing
  • Website Management Training






What’s Inside The Pages

What Autoaddress Had To Say

“We recently had my website redesigned by Ireland Website Design and I am very pleased with the results. The design is modern, sophisticated and easy to navigate. The team worked closely with us to ensure that all of my needs were met. The website looks professional and I am sure that it will help me to attract more customers. I am very satisfied with Ireland Website Design’s work and we would highly recommend them to others.”
~ Pat Donnely, Managing Director of Autoaddress

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