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Here at Ireland Website Design, our expert team can build and implement custom WordPress plugins for your website. These can be used to tweak your theme or template to your exact liking. With our clients, we find that it is often useful to undertake a needs analysis to first understand your thought processes about getting a custom plugin created. Through this analysis and understanding, we can manage your expectations and provide you with a clear and transparent quote for WordPress custom plugin development. This is done by asking some simple questions and uncovering what exactly you need and want your website and its plugins to do. Some examples would include:

  • Will your website require forms to collect visitor data?
  • What audience of potential customers is your website looking to target?
  • What other methods of online and offline marketing will you be using?

Armed with the knowledge gained from this needs analysis, our team get to work on creating custom plugins for your website so that it gains the functionality that you need it to have. For example, you may need to list property that is for sale and update this list regularly; your website may need a booking feature that integrates with other software that you use or you may need a built-in calculator/algorithm to provide quotations. Arguably one of the best features of WordPress is that it can utilise many different custom plugins to achieve all of the above (and more) and they do not disturb the core functionality and coding of WordPress.

Your WordPress Custom Plugin will have the following features and qualities when designed by the expert team at Ireland Website Design

  • Customisable Code: As your plugin is designed in-house; it leaves the option open for further customisation if required in the future. This affords you and your business flexibility in that if your business model or customer base changes at any stage, your custom plugins can be brought up to speed.
  • Safe & Secure: Your plugin will be assessed and cleared of all bugs and designed for use by a multitude of browser and device types. As the plugin will be fully custom as designed by us, we will understand it inside out to make it compliant with online security regulations to keep both you and your website visitors safe and secure.
  • Versatile & Scalable: The custom element of your plugin allows it to be seamlessly placed across your website wherever you would like it to appear and function. Further options include altering size, style and colour options if needed and also choosing how the plugin responds and performs across your website.

Why Choose us for your Custom WordPress Plugin Development?

Like anything that we put our name to, Ireland Website Design provide our clients with a complete end-to-end service when you get custom plugins created by us. This includes the customisation of the plugin itself, implementation into the framework of your website, further development to ensure that it installs and performs to optimum levels once implemented, modifications where necessary and enhancements of the plugin when and where applicable. It is services and qualities like these that see our clients grow to become loyal business friends.


Fifteen years of web design knowledge and experience which we utilise and impart on all of our projects.

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As a premier Irish digital agency, we understand the full spectrum of online marketing beyond the scope of a website.


Our sprawling portfolio includes clients of all shapes and sizes – we create bespoke client solutions for bespoke needs.


Multiple positive client appraisals from over the years ring true to to our motto ‘Passionate about your Web Presence’.


With a team of experts in their respective fields, each dimension of your project gets that expert touch as standard.


A fair and transparent quoting system uncovers your needs so you pay for those to be fulfilled and nothing more.

The team at Ireland Website Design are expert WordPress users and designers and can create and curate custom plugins and solutions for you and your business. Call us on 051393524 to discuss your needs and how we can create your dream WordPress website.

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