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Keep your company's website secure and safe from hackers with our website security audit. We'll suss out any vulnerabilities in your website before any non-desirable web users do! Combining the skills of our developers and the latest innovations in online security technology, we can make your website a hacker's nightmare.

The four content management systems we specialise in are WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal; by focusing on these four, we get to know them in-depth and learn the latest security updates as they come to the market. We are work closely with Sucuri Security and iThemes Security Pro. Prevention is always better than cure and we utilise the best tools and software to prevent your website becoming another statistic. Our team can help you with:

  •   DDoS Attacks (Denial of Service Attacks)
  •   Vulnerability Exploit Attempts
  •   Brute Force Attacks
  •   Continuous Malware & Hack Scanning
  •   SSL Certs & PCI Compliance
  •   Strong Password Enforcement
  •   File Change Detection
  •   404 Detection
  •   Bot Blacklist
  •   Database Backups
  •   Security Logs
  •   User Action Logging


Help! My website has been hacked!

Website already fallen to the hackers? You need damage control. We can clean your hacked website and help with the following problems:

  •   Website Blacklisted by Google
  •   Your Website Has Been Disabled
  •   Website Flagged for Malware
  •   Malware Removal
  •   Hack Repair
  •   Brand Reputation
  •   Blacklist Monitoring


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