Strategy & Consulting

Having a good-looking website simply doesn't cut it anymore. Your company deserves a dynamic web presence that fully conveys its personality, goals and values to its clients. With our online strategy and consulting service, you're guaranteed a better understanding of what your business can do to achieve its goals online. We offer the following consulting services:

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Business Discovery & Analysis

If you value your company and your online presence, you will invest in the Discovery Process. Building a website without thorough research is like building a house without laying solid foundations. It might look OK from the outside but eventually it will crumble and end up costing you more money to clean up the mess.

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Brand Identity

Your brand identity is how your clients perceive your company. You want your company to connect with your target clients' core values and beliefs to ensure they choose to engage with your company over every other competitor in your industry.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Operating your organisation online without a digital marketing strategy is like driving on another continent without a map. Get your company heading in the right direction with our digital marketing strategist.

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Content Strategy & Copywriting

Great content can be the difference between gaining a client or losing them to the competition. Your content is the connection between you and your audience - you need it to speak to them directly, while portraying your brand identity accurately.

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Website Management Training

Take control of your website - learn to update and modify your web presence yourself. Our developers are a friendly team who love to help people looking to learn more about what they do. Training sessions in website maintenance and updating are a standard for all of our projects.

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SEO & Marketing Training

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