Servers & Maintenance

Exceptional & Flexible Server Support and Maintenance

Our technical team want to reduce your website's downtime and solve all your server maintenance problems! If you're looking for fast problem resolutions and multi-platform expertise, we can help.

We offer the following server management packages:

  •   Routine Server Maintenance – A weekly service that requires a short downtime for quick updates/patches.
  •   Comprehensive Server Maintenance – A monthly service with a scheduled downtime for more significant improvements
  •   Emergency Server Maintenance – Solving severe problems with your server with little notice.

We provide complete coverage of your website's server

  •   24/7 Server Monitoring
  •   24/7 Monitoring Plus Notification
  •   24/7 Application & Services Monitoring

What is Server Maintenance?

Essentially, server maintenance ensures your website stays up and running by keeping server software updated and protected.

What Happens During Server Maintenance?

Our server maintenance services include:

  •   Disk Space Monitoring
  •   Disk Health Monitoring
  •   Hardware Monitoring (SEL) e.g. Power Supply, Fan Failure etc
  •   CXS - Exploit Scanning
  •   Firewall Installation/Config/Support
  •   WAF - Commercial Web Application Firewall Rules
  •   Security Hardening
  •   Troubleshooting
  •   Data Migration
  •   Vulnerability Scanning
  •   Patch Management
  •   Driver Firmware Updates
  •   OS Reinstall
  •   Backup Management


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