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The National Driver Licence Service (or NDLS) is the dedicated service for Irish learner permits and driver licences. Online security and safety are at the heart of the ongoing digital partnership between the NDLS and Ireland Website Design.


The Task

The NDLS project revolved around a complete re-design of the website, carrying out user testing and focusing on the overall user experience.

Our Solution

Through our discovery process, requirements gathering, discussing with various stakeholders, interviewing NDLS clients and carrying out user testing to gain insight into how to improve the overall user experience we discovered that users of the NDLS website are consistently looking for 7 key areas of information and could be grouped into various user types.

Once the 7 key areas were identified and the various user types we created a plan to improve the experience and the ease of navigation through the website for each user type and end goal.

Our designers focused the home page of the site to display simple, bold links to these key areas, cutting down on the number of pages users had to scroll through for the relevant information they needed.


Through the old site’s Google Analytics, it was strikingly obvious the booking page is the end goal of most user journeys. As a result, both the ‘Book an Appointment’ and ‘Cancel an Appointment’ buttons are displayed as static headers to all users on every page. They incorporate the vivid blue and orange shades used in the NDLS logo to polish off the balanced look of the header and navigation bar – this visually appeals to users of the site, making the simplicity of the website enjoyable to look at.

A major issue of the old NDLS website was the abundance of text-heavy pages that required users to scroll through lines and lines of text to find the information they were looking for. For the re-design, essential information was split up into relevant areas and displayed using a slider accordion. This makes the site much more accessible to customers and more visually appealing.

Finally, we added interactive maps of all centre locations across the country. Not only is this more interactive for customers to engage with, it also provides a lot of essential information in a compact, user friendly solution.




What We Delivered

  •  Business Analysis
  •  Website Audit
  •  Brand Identity
  •  Website Design
  •  Mobile Responsive Website Design
  •  Online Booking System
  •  Website Accessibility
  •  Search Engine Optimisation
  •  Local Search Engine Optimisation
  •  User Testing
  •  Support and Maintenance


Client Testimonial

Nick, Anna and Stephen were very professional and have been great to work with from the initial design through to the end product. Their analysis of our Google analytics was instrumental in the new layout making the website far more user friendly, highlighting the most important information and ensuring this was easily accessible to users. Due to our positive working relationship we have chosen to continue to work with Nick and his team and the support that they provide has been a great asset to our operation.

Enda Gilvarry, NDLS


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