What Is Local SEO?

Local search engine optimisation focuses on providing search results that are relevant to a user based on their current location. With mobile users now outnumbering traditional PC users, customers are looking for businesses close by with great ratings and good customer service.


Do I Need Local SEO?

Do customers visit your company at a physical location? If they do, you need local SEO.


Why Should I Invest In Local SEO?

Simply put, it will increase the amount of converting footfall onto your premises. People looking for services close to a location are more likely to convert into clients and customers. Due to there being a specific number of companies that offer the same service as you in the same location, there's a higher conversion rate and lower competition than other SEO techniques.

"Search engine optimisation is a long term strategy that brings consistent, measurable results"


What Are The Benefits Of Local SEO Services?

The latest Google search algorithms have revolutionised the way people search online. With locations now playing a huge role in how websites are ranked, companies close to the user pop up with a map showing their location, opening hours, photos of the premises and reviews posted by previous visitors. By focusing on your local SEO tactics, your business will appear prominently when users search for companies and services in your area.


How To Improve Local SEO Rankings?

The first thing we do is a full audit of your current efforts to rank online. Then, we implement the basics -a Google My Business submission or claiming an already-existing listing. Once this is complete, it's time to optimise your current website content with local keywords - optimising the URLs, heading tags, meta data in the process too.


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