Joomla Custom Template Development

Joomla allows you to use a custom template for your website. Being completely bespoke, your template is designed and deployed for you and you only; your business has a unique web design. Having a custom template built for your Joomla website by the expert team at Ireland Website Design is a solid investment for your business in many ways:

  •  Your ideas, budget and timeframes are incorporated into the custom design process
  •  The website will stand out from the crowded online marketplace (and your competitors)
  •  You receive an expertly coded website, streamlined for your specific business needs

A custom template for your website offers a mixture of both functional performance and visual aesthetics. Not only can your custom Joomla website look exactly how you want it to look, but it can also perform and respond exactly how you want it to. You can bring the vision of your ideal website out from the confines of your imagination and into a tangible reality online; Custom Joomla Template Development makes this possible.

Functional Performance Examples

Allowing a website visitor to use a chat function
Controlling time between images on a carousel
Producing pop-ups when criteria is met

Visual Aesthetic Examples

Choosing the size, colour and font of the chat
Adding effects and animations to images
Displaying a semi-transparent pop-up box


Joomla is a CMS that allows for both the frontend and backend of your website to be used at the same time. If you make a change to a page on the backend of the website, simply refresh the frontend to see this change come into effect. By getting a custom Joomla template developed by Ireland Website Design, you can contact us to get an extra feature added to your template at any point in the future and see from your office/location how this looks and performs when live. As we would have custom built this template for you, we know exactly how to update or change it quickly and easily – cutting down your costs later on.

Our team members are expert users, designers and lovers of the Joomla CMS. Let us be a great match for you when you get a custom Joomla template developed. All of our loyal clients, who are happy to supply us with testimonials time and time again, appreciate our:

  •  Evident passion for your web presence
  •  Clear, justified and transparent quotes and lead times
  •  High quality, responsive and dynamic website designs and builds

The team at Ireland Website Design are expert Joomla developers and can create custom themes and templates for you. Call us on 051393524 to discuss how we can create your dream Joomla website.

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