How To Rank Number One On Google

Looking for a quick one-step solution? Not going to happen!

Not going to happen! Ranking number one on Google organically is a long process that takes time, effort and dedication. If you’re looking for quick results, try Google AdWords (this can be expensive in the long run, though!)

Remember, if a company is offering you amazing results within a month or a few weeks, they’re most likely going to do more harm than good to your search engine ranking. Within the world of SEO, there are two approaches: black hat and white hat SEO. Black hat SEO techniques are heavily punished by Google once they discover you’re using them. Cheap companies that promise amazing results are too good to be true. SEO is a long process (did we say that already?! It’s worth repeating.) and when Google spots you using frowned-upon techniques, they can blacklist you completely.

If you rely on your website to run a reputable business, you’re better off avoiding low quality techniques and cheap quick fixes. Play the long game and your website will win first place in Google’s search results.

Firstly, you need to decide what you want to appear on Google for. Google AdWords Keyword Planner can help you do this. You need to figure out what your clients/customers are searching for and what your competitors’ clients are searching for.

Once you’ve decided on the search phrases you want to appear for, you can get to work. To get to the top of Google’s search results, you’re going to need to implement a host of search engine optimisation techniques.

If someone knows your company’s name already, you want them to find your website when they Google you. The first thing you can do is register your website and company with Google Business. You can provide them with accurate contact details, location, opening hours and photos. Visitors will also be able to leave reviews, If applicable. By providing Google with your company’s address, your business will appear on search results for people in your area.

How to rank on Google for my local area?

In terms of local SEO, registering with Google My Business is one of the most effective ways to appear on Google results for your local area. Another tip is to try some on-site search engine optimisation. For instance, try mentioning your geographic area in the title and in the text of your website. If you’re a plumber in Rathmines, mention key phrases on your home page and inner pages like ‘plumbing service in Rathmines’ ‘Plumber in Dublin’ etc.

Another factor to consider with appearing higher on local results is your domain name. .ie domain names will perform better for Google users in Ireland and .co.uk will perform better for UK audiences.

Rank On Google For My Local Area
On Site Search Engine

On-Site Search Engine Optimisation

An integral part of basic SEO, on-site SEO is making your website’s content relevant and engaging for the search engines. It might sound easy, but it’s an incredibly complex process. You’ll need to know about keyword density, how to use the correct search phrases within your content and how to maximise your blogging potential. Content is very much king in the SEO world, keeps yours unique, relevant and updated.

On that note – NEVER copy and paste content from another site, particularly a competitor. Google will punish your website and lower your ranking. Give your unique company what it deserves – original material! Keep it simple and don’t overdo it.

Another key element to your website’s success in the search engine rankings is meta titles, tags and descriptions. You’ll need an understanding of keywords, formatting for the search engines and a working knowledge of your website’s CMS.

Always optimise your URLs! Website pages with their target keyword in their URL rank higher in Google than those that don’t. The optimum length for URLs is 59 characters.

Think of this tactic as online PR with Google. Google is all about your reputation. How do you get a good reputation with Google? Get high quality websites to link to your website. Think of it like reputation by association. Based on this premise, if low quality websites like to you, Google will consider you lower quality too – guilty by association! Try to get as many high-quality back links as possible, the more the better.


Generally, the longer your website exists, the better it will do on the search engines. If your domain name has been used for over 5 years, it is more trusted on Google than a domain name that was registered 6 months ago.


Having an SSL certificate installed on your website can help your ranking. Website pages on HTTPS perform higher than other websites.

Mobile Responsive Design And Development

Mobile Responsive Design and Development

Websites that are completely mobile responsive perform higher on the search engines than non-responsive websites. Google has confirmed they actively punish non-responsive sites by lowering their ranking.

Remember, when you get to the top of the search engine results, you’ll need a persuasive and informative snippet (that title and text preview that Google shows visitors). You’ll have a very restricting character limit to make the user choose you over your competitors. You’ll also need to make sure the page visitors land on is high quality and full of relevant, original content.

You can get to Number 1 in Google for free if you know what you are doing and have time to devote to your cause. If you don’t, you can always hire us to get your website to number one in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engine results.

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