Eonic Web 5 Development

Ireland Website Design are the only Eonic Web 5 CMS partners in Ireland. Eonic Web 5 is based on the Microsoft .Net 4.5 framework.

Eonic Web 5 CMS is not for developing small web projects, this is typically used on larger projects which are typically for Government agencies or larger entities.

Eonic Web 5 CMS was developed in the UK in 2002 (1 year before Wordpress came on the market and unlike Wordpress has never been hacked).

When you switch to Eonic Web 5 you put the problems of other Content Management Systems behind you and work with the most flexible intuitive easy to support platforms on the market today.

Say goodbye to supporting sites on multiple versions of poorly architected CMS platforms.



Some of the features of Eonic Web 5 include:

  •   Windows hosted CMS
  •   Full hosted and supported solution
  •   Bespoke Plugins
  •   Awesome Templating System
  •   Continual seemless platform upgrades
  •   100% XSLT based html templating
  •   Flexible data schema model
  •   Many modules and themes to choose from



A lot of the features that other platforms require a plugin for come built under the hood with Eonic Web 5 such as:

  •   Document Downloads
  •   Form Builder
  •   Ecommerce
  •   Flexible Page Layouts
  •   Advanced Membership Features
  •   Subscription Management
  •   SEO
  •   Blog
  •   Events and Calendar
  •   Job Vacancies
  •   Email Marketing
  •   Learning Management Exams and Testing
  •   Property Listings
  •   Quote Engines





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