25 SEO Techniques You NEED to Implement in 2019

Finding info on SEO that will ​actually help your website is like a finding a needle in a haystack. The web is full of articles designed to rank on Google, without giving actionable advice to help you improve your own site!

It’s difficult to figure out what SEO tips are worth doing and what’s clickbait. 

But don’t worry - we’re here to help!

Here are the best 25 SEO tips that you can use to appear higher on search engines and increase traffic to your company’s website:

  1. Improve Your Page Loading Times

Google likes fast-loading websites and rewards them with a higher place in search results. One of the biggest drains on page load times is oversized images. A quick improvement on your site to help reduce load times is to simply compress your images.

  1. Make Use Of The ‘Featured Image’ Option

If you use a blogging platform, the featured image option is one of the most important tools to use. It might have different names on other platforms. The featured image option lets you share an image across various search engines and social media sites when people read and share your content.

  1. Use High Quality Photos

High quality photos will make your site look and feel well designed and professional, and it reflects well on the services and or products that you offer.

  1. Create Relevant Meta Titles and Descriptions

When users are looking for a website, they'll choose the one that they feel relates to them most. So using relatable titles and descriptions for Google is a really good way to grow your click through rate. The most effective way to make an enticing title tag is to get into your audience's frame of mind, understand how they think and answer their questions.

  1. Give Images A File Name

Giving your images a title is a good thing on so many levels. With a title, search engines read your image files easier, which increases your SEO. It'll also be easier for people to find your site through search engines.

  1. Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Responsive

It's absolutely vital to have your website adapt to every platform, whether it's a mobile device, a desktop, a laptop, or anything else. Websites that aren’t mobile responsive are now penalised by Google.

  1. Caption The Pictures

Captioning lets you include keywords and extra info with your images. It also gives your readers a deeper understanding of them, and makes your website more accessible. Accessibility is best practice, because it opens your site up to more people. For example, a visually impaired person could use a text to speech application to listen to your captions, which would give them more information about your site and enable them to interact with you.

  1. Transcription Of Video Content

Giving transcriptions of your video content lets you add more keywords to your video content. A lot of creators use this method of making content. This will get you a higher SEO ranking and also make your website more accessible for your users. 

  1. Update And Upload Past Content

Regularly revising and posting your past content increases the keywords and content on your site and grows your on-page SEO. This immediately improves your site in Google’s eyes.

  1. Always Have A Main Keyword

One of the most useful SEO techniques is putting a main keyword in your description tag. You can revise the details when writing your content but use the same main keyword.

  1. Promote and Write On Other Platforms

Posting your content to other websites is a good way to get backlinks. There are a few ways to do this, for example, using guest video content making or guest content writing services. 

  1. Cut Poor Quality Backlinks

Using low quality backlinks will reduce your site's SEO ranking. Steer clear of that, you're better off removing any backlinks off low-quality third-party websites.

  1. Become A Guest Blogger

A very effective way to create SEO content and grow the audience for your blog post writing services is to post as a guest blogger on industry leader websites.

  1. URLs With Keywords

Putting keywords in your URL grows your SEO ranking.

  1. Encourage Social Shares

Give users the option to share your content to various social media platforms. People looking for your content can share it easily and increase your site’s SEO.

  1. Create Error-Free Content

The golden rule with making content is quality over quantity. Write interesting blogs instead of dull content that will bore your reader.

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