How the Moving Image is Moving into the Web Design Space

Here at Ireland Website Design, we are always aware of trends within both website design and digital marketing. One such trend of 2017 in website design is that of the moving image. GIFs (graphical interchange formats), videos and animations have started to see widespread use across website designs this year. It is understandable as to why – these types of visual content are more interactive and attention grabbing due to the fact that they are moving images. There are many useful uses for these which we discuss in more detail below. Moving images have definitely moved into the world of website design and their use may see static images move out altogether.


You may know GIFs in the same way that you know memes. Traditionally, these have taken the form of humorous pictures that play like a few frames of a small video clip. Their popularity rose on message forums as a way for people to react to something or to convey emotions and feelings visually. The Apple iMessage app also supports the use of GIFs for example as they can be sent to contacts as a picture message. Yet when used on a website, the GIF gains new powers. Think of images of products for example; GIFs can showcase them in action in a single frame. A picnic basket can be displayed being both opened and closed within the one GIF. Likewise an item of clothing can be shown as worn on a mannequin and also on a human being in the same GIF. In both of these instances, the single GIF file is able to show two different aspects of a product – all the while remaining in a single space without the need for website visitors to click on a play button. See the Icons Responsive website for a GIF in action.


An increase in video content was arguably a bigger trend back in 2014/15, but it is an example of moving image content that has remained popular all the way in 2017 (arguably more than a trend so). Videos are another example of moving image content that sees more engagement from website visitors. Instead of being a static image to look at, videos allow you to press play on them (unless set to autoplay) and experience the information displayed within them. With this, businesses can pull and read more data with which to track visitor interaction and engagement. In terms of telling a story or even showing the passage of time, video content is great at this. It can also be used effectively to demonstrate something in action or to provide instructions on how to use a particular product. With all of these benefits attached to it, it is little wonder why videos have remained a popular example of moving image content. Our own Ireland Website Design uses a video in this way on our Home page.


Last but not least, animations are an yet another example of the moving image trend as seen in website design this year. They are a cross between a GIF and a video – a piece of content that can move and live by itself as a single file type. Animations are a moving graphic that can be customised and made to act and behave in a certain way. As you know, these are all very eye-catching traits. Animations can be used as tools of storytelling and can be utilised to drive attention towards a brand. Some companies such as MailChimp actively promote that their platforms allows the user to use animation and animation elements. This is because they know the power of the moving image in terms of gaining attention, directing clicks/taps and reducing bounces. Take a look at the Waaark website to see some beautiful, fluid animation in motion.

As you can see from above, the trend of moving images being used in website design shows strong positives and traits for visitors. From increased interaction, engagement and brand awareness; we would not be surprised to see the moving image become common in responsive, professional website design. As we have already seen with the popularity of video content; moving images have a great track record and show no signs of dying down. Here at Ireland Website Design, our expert team can add moving image content into your website design for maximum impact.

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