A Quick Guide to Cross Platform Publication

Once you have created online content, it needs to be published somewhere for it to be consumed (i.e. read or interacted with) by your target audience. But instead of constricting this to a single publishing platform such as your website, utilise cross platform publication to reach a bigger audience.

Your website is arguably the best platform to publish online content. It can host text, images and videos and display them in the styles and formats of your choosing. As it is your own website, you can work with your website designer to have everything looking exactly as you want it – no compromises. It is not bias to say as it is a well-known fact that for businesses, a website is one of the most robust online platforms that you can utilise and mobilise to make sales. Learning: Your website is your space to use how you want without restrictions.

However there is no way that a blog post will be able to published to your Twitter page as the word and character count will exceed the tweet limit. You need to bypass this by instead tweeting a link to your website which can display the blog in full. Adorn this tweet with an image or video, and after some likes and retweets your blog will gain more traffic from this platform. By extension, the tweeting of links shows your followers that you are happy with your content output and want to publish it and highlight it wherever possible. Learning: Use Twitter to link to your longer-form content.

While giving you greater room over Twitter for publishing, FaceBook is still its own system with pre-set themes, formats and parameters. If red is the dominant colour of your company branding, your content posted on FaceBook will be nestled among their blue and white branding. In tandem with this, you cannot select fonts or font sizes etc. Instead, use FaceBook for video content (which can be viewed in full screen therefore filling the screen with your content only); or to link to content on your company branded website. Learning: Knowing that you are restricted with branding, choose video content or link back to your website when and where possible.

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