What are Self-Service Analytics?

Making a wave lately in the business world are what are known as self-service analytics. These actually show us just how important online and digital agencies (such as Ireland Website Design) are as businesses and companies become empowered through data and analytics.

What are Self-Service Analytics?
These self-service analytics refer to businesses being able to access data and analytics specific to their needs, projects, performance and goals. The idea behind them is that workers who are not particularly proficient in the more technical aspects of data collection can harness just what they need to to buttress their workload. In an ideal world, they would be able to pull their required and specified information themselves when they need it. But we know that the time spent on training, time spent on trial-and-error and time spent on pulling this data (before spending any time to read and/or analyse it) can be much better spent.

How a Digital Agency can Help
While the idea of self-service analytics seem good in theory, the reality is that they can disengage your staff. This is because to retrieve them they have to add to their already busy workloads and it also adds on a technical task that may be well outside of their normal job scope/description. Instead, outsource all of your data collection and dissemination needs to a digital agency. If you need data A sent to department 1 on X date or data B sent to sector 2 at Y time, we can do this for you and have it running like clockwork. In this way your staff get the correct data they need when they need it. This facilitates for a more productive workforce as they are empowered to complete their jobs and tasks seamlessly and successfully.

These self-service analytics are another example of a trend that is in fact nothing new to a premier digital agency such as Ireland Website Design. Our expert team is adept in all of the online and digital needs of businesses today and can tailor our services to your needs. Our work drives sales to your business.

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