How to Align Content with Conversions

There are different types of conversions that a business may want to achieve and also different types of content that they may utilise. Therefore it is no surprise that certain types of content are better suited to attracting certain types of conversions. Here we align the two.

Blog Posts = Sign-Up
Your website blog posts (and written content in general) gives your visitors a taste of what your business likes to talk about. If the topic(s) appeals to them, this gives your visitors an incentive to want to sign-up to your mailing list and receive your similarly written newsletters. Take advantage of this natural content connection by having the option to sign-up to your newsletter at the end of each blog post. Your web designer can add this to your website in the form of a custom form or plugin so that it links to your mailing lists within your newsletter software.

Voucher = Shop With Us
A digital voucher or discount code issued to your customers (both existing and former) will lead them directly to your products and/or services. Specify an expiry date and clear terms and conditions to facilitate for transparent transactions. By putting a more immediate end date on this (i.e. ‘Expires in 30 Days!’) or a longer one (i.e. ‘Feel Free to Use This Within 6 Months); you can account for an incoming influx of sales or a slower burn over a longer period of time.

Website = Contact Us
Understandably, your website may have more than a single goal conversion; but getting your visitors to make contact with your business should be the ultimate one. Therefore your entire website is geared with this conversion in mind – call us, e-mail us or visit us in store etc. The exact way that this is achieved will be different per business, but suffice to say; it should have the end goal of ‘contact us’ in mind. In this sense your website moreso takes on the form of a vehicle for your online content. So webpages and blog posts should naturally point your website visitors towards your contact details (phone number, maps, contact forms etc.).

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