How far Should we take Automation?

With bots, AI and home assistants; how automatic should we go when it comes to sending e-mails and posting social media content? Here we look at examples of where automation can be used within both arenas and uncover a similar thread when providing arguments for and against each.

Sending e-mails automatically can be a great idea. Designing content today to be sent to your mailing list in two weeks time is a great way to stay ahead of schedule and have a steady flow of content ready to be sent in the form of newsletters etc. However personal one-to-one e-mails do not bode as well when scheduled automatically. For example, if you decide to e-mail some of your most valued clients or suppliers etc. to check in with them and see how they are; automation can look fake and disingenuous. If they receive an e-mail on the first Monday of every month at 09:00am sharp month after month; this becomes an obvious automatic e-mail and looks like no genuine thought has been put into the e-mail.  

Social Content
Like with e-mail above, scheduling social media posts to publish and post automatically is great to work ahead of time. But solely doing this arguably removes the very social element of social media. For example, only having FaceBook posts go live every morning means that you (or your social media manager) are not active on the platform in the evening time per say. What happens to people who only see your posts then and may want to interact with you? Chances are they have looked elsewhere (most likely to a competitor) to have their need fulfilled by the time you check your social media messages the next morning. By scheduling a glut of posts ahead of time to allow your social media channels to run by themselves, you miss out on the very social element that can create conversions from these postings.

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